North Corsica

With its magnificent seascapes, vast expanses of forests and snow-capped mountains, Corsica is aptly named “Island of Beauty”.
Along the coast, particularly in the North Corsica, discover attractive port towns and picturesque villages in the hinterlands not to be missed, such as Algajola, Aléria, Sant’Antonino, Lama, Zonza, Centuri
A paradise for beach lovers but above all for hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. North Corsica, diverse like everywhere on the island, has some of the most varied mountainous landscapes and also some of the most rugged in places.
The coastline on the other hand will lead you to magnificent beaches and coves with translucent waters, perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving. Bastia, Calvi, Île rousse, Saint Florent… Come to North Corsica for a real Corsican holiday experience!
Beyond its astonishing nature, North Corsica also represents a place strongly attached to its traditions, its unique polyphonic music and its distinctive specialties, such as the strong and rustic cheeses and its chestnut polenta. North Corsica waits for you!