The village of Patrimonio is one of the 8 municipalities of the Canton of Conca d’Oro.
It is in North Corsica just at the beginning of Cap Corse, in the region of Nebbio not far from Saint Florent (4km).
Its coastal area on the Gulf of Saint Florent begins at the estuary of the “Fium’Albino” a river that runs through the village of Farinole.
Its jagged coastline is 3.5 km long and there are pebbles on parts of the beaches of Catarelli and Olzu.
In the countryside there are many famous vineyards and a macchia with wild olive trees and brushwood.


Population : 666 inhabitants (FNISES 2008 Sources)
Surface Area of Patrimonio: 1746 ha
Surface area of the wine-making estate in à Patrimonio: 409ha (that is 13,9% of the wine-making estate of the island)
Number of wine-growers de in Patrimonio: 9 + the Wine-growers of Patrimonio SICA Cooperative


Patrimonio has no port and no airport.
The village is accessible from the ports of Calvi (73km) and Bastia (20km).
It is also accessible by plain from the airports of Calvi and Bastia.


The statue-menhir “Nativu” in Barbaggio, a neighbouring village of Patrimonio, gives evidence of prehistoric human habitation in the area.
Its vineyards have been very famous since Antiquity. They were first cultivated by the Greeks and later by the Romans.
In the middle of the 16th century, Patrimonio is one of the 5 «municipalities» of the province of Niebbo under the jurisdiction ofBastia, together with Olmetta, Oletta, Farinole, San Pietro and San Quilico (formerly called lo Palazzo, la Ficagia, la Picinasca, lo Cardeto, lo Calvello, la Feruciasca, Barbagio, Brigheta and Casatico)!
The Bishop of Nebbio rules over the parish of Patrimonio as well as over the parishes of Canari, Nonza, Santo Quilico and Santo Pietro.
In the 18th century, the villages of Bigorno and Patrimonio form the village of Costere.


– Baroque San Martinu Church
– Santa Maria Assunta Chapel
– The Roman Bridge
– The Menhir-statue moved in the amphitheatre of Patrimonio


The wonderful and « pittoresque » Village of Patrimonio, peaceful in winter, becomes a very lively town in summer!

Indeed, beneath the sky in the middle of the grapevines, takes place each year in the mont of July The Nights of Guitar Festival.
That is an unmissable festival which gathers together the most famous guitarists since 1989 where for 8 nights in a row you can go to concerts and listen to musicians playing everything from the balalaika to the electric guitar.

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