Located on the northern part of the island, between Cap Corse and the Balagne, the Agriate region is in North Corsica and belongs to the smaller region of Nebbio which extends from marked Guadalone on the Cap Corse ridge to the Tenda Massif..

There are two rivers in the Agriate region :
– The Aliso river that starts in Conca D’oru and ends in Saint Florent’s bay.
– The Bevinco river that flows through the mountains and ends in Biguglia’s pond.

Along the coastal parts of this region you will find a breathtakingly wild and jagged landscape.
In the hinterland, a landscape of vineyards with vines as far as you can see, notably in the village of Patrimonio, where a wine is produced that is famous far beyond the boundaries of the island.

To the west of the town of Saint Florent lies the arid landscape of The Agriates Desert.
The Agriate Desert that lies between Cap Corse and the Balagne, is a hostile and mysterious region.
On the 35km road,that runs through it you will see one moon-like landscape after the other: macchia and mountain peaks as far as the eye can see.

Nothing spoils the view, and the number of houses can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

But this landscape gives way to some wonderful beaches of fine sand : the magnificent beaches of Saleccia and Loto will take your breath away !
The path linking the road Ile Rousse/Saint Florent to Saleccia (12km), is quite bumpy, so not really suited for cars, but ideal on foot or mountain bike.

Remember that in Corsica if you want to discover some of its beautiful sites this will sometimes require an effort on your part !

The Agriate region is the most beautiful areas in Corsica and therefore an absolute “must” for all visitors to the island!

If you wish to stay in Northern Corsica and in particular in the Saint Florent-Agriates region, here are sites and monuments you should not miss.


Built in the nicest bay of the Mediterranean, this old genovese city has become a big seaside resort taken by storm by the tourists.
Here are our favourite places, not to be missed of the town:
– The Nebbio Cathedral, (formerly the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta), situated just outside the town going towards Poggio d’Oletta, is a magnificent medieval monument.
It was built in the 12th century and was classified as a historical monument in 1875.
– Saint Florent genovese Citadel built in the same time as the town in 1440 by Janus Campofregoso. This one dominates the Bay that she is watching.
– The wonderful small marina of Saint Florent, old fishermen’s port which welcomes now the cruise boats.
– Saint Florent’s market each first Wednesdays of the month.


– Knife Industry of Patrimonio
– Pottery from Nebbio to Saint Florent
– Ceramic Pottery in Patrimonio
– Painting Studio in Saint Florent


A small walk which will make you discover the 33 wine estates on about 5000ha of Agriate region.
The owner will offer you a small tasting. Which will allow you to appreciate at its correct value the authenticity and its know-how.

With all these activities for all ages and interests, you will be sure to have an unforgettable holiday!

The most beautiful accommodations in this region