Balagne ïle rousse Calvi


The Balagne is a region of North Corsica of which extends from Nebbio (Agriates Desert) to Monte Cinto Massif (highest Point of the island at an elevation of 2710m).

Balagne is quite an amazing region and because of its fertile land it is often called « garden of Corsica ».


It is the place for “dolce far niente” par excellence: seaside resorts and beaches catering to all interests and tastes, mountains nearby to escape to if it gets too hot, and hamlets with mind-blowing, panoramic sea views !

Calvi and l’Ile Rousse should not be simple stopovers when arriving by ferry or plane. Each town has its own personal charm: a harbour, a citadel and a unique location for in Calvi, a magnificent square lined with Corsican pine trees and beautilful beaches in Ile Rousse.
The inland, the actual the Balagne is an entirely different universe: mountain at a few kilometres from the coastal. Eagles’ nests, e.g. Sant’Antonino famous for being the oldest village of Corsica.
Now, the village is anyway classified among the nicest villages of France.
It has preserved its character of an « acropolis » perched on the mountain like an eagle’s nest.
The geography of Corsica is such that at a straight-line distance of about 20km from the beaches of Calvi, there are small skiing resorts awaiting you. And it is not unusual to see snow-peaked mountains from the coast, even in summer.

Just behind Calvi and l´Ile-Rousse, you will reach the hills and then the mountains with the highest peaks of the island in the background: this is the actual Balagne. It is a region blessed by the gods, where ancient villages proudly cling to the mountains offering magnificent views of the coast, such as the villages of Corbara, Pigna, Sant´Antonino, Montemaggiore, Belgodere, etc.

With so many splendid sights it is well worth spending half a day if not an entire one in this wonderful region. And in the evenings it is hard to resist the inns with their plates of mouth-watering meat delicacies.
If you want to spend a holiday in the Balagne region, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay:


Bodri Beach is in the last bay before Ile Rousse when coming from Calvi.
In beautiful weather, the sea is crystal clear and stands out against the amazingly white sand.
Luckily its charms are hidden and so it is not overcrowded with visitors, it is only accessible on foot from a parking lot via a small winding path through the macchia.

After a few hundred metres you will reach this magical place: a small beach that drops into the Mediterranean and seems to belong to another world.

And although Ile Rousse is close by, there are almost no buildings to be seen.

Note: this peaceful beach (not so peaceful in July-August) attracts many nudists, who mix quite happily with the « non-nudists ».


You will find 250 kilometres of marked hiking trails during your holiday in Balagne.

And here is one for everybody: La Boucle de Giustiniani is a 3 hour hike over 7 kilometres.
The starting point is in Speloncato.
On the way you can, for example, visit chapels, discover Roman thermal baths but also admire the splendid landscapes!


During your stay in the Balagne, you should visit the Guy Savelli Museum in Corbara, where you will discover the historic heritage of Corsica and Balagne. It is a museum about the history of Corsica and ancient art.
Visit this small museum, which will take you through the history of Corsica, thanks to a private collection of objects, manuscripts and photos. You will dive into the Corsica of yesteryear.
There is a guided and commented tour of the museum.
The Balagne has all the ingredients to make a holiday in this region an unforgettable event, so don’t hesitate to come here!