bastia - north corsica

Region : BASTIA


Prefecture of North Corsica (2B), Bastia is the main town or North Corsica, ancient Capital of Corsica, it is located in the North East of the island and shows the east entry of Cap Corse.
Bastia Vieux Port



Population of Bastia : 44 829 inhabitants (FNISES 2016 Sources)


The town has a port which is the most important of Corsica with more than 4 439 952 passengers in 2017, as well as the international Bastia-Poretta airport has seen major changes and growth these last few years.


The town was founded in 1378, but it was only towards the end of the 18th century that it could begin to expand and its most important buildings were constructed.


– Saint Charles-Borromée Church (17th Century)
– Saint François Monastery
– Saint Jean Baptiste Church (17/18th Century)
– Immaculée conception brotherhood Oratory (18th Century)
– Sainte Marie de l’Assomption Cathedral (17th Century)
– Saint Roch brotherhood Oratory (17th Century)
– Notre Dame de Monserato Oratory (16th Century)
– Saint Antoine Monastery (16th Century)
– Saint Joseph Church (17th Century)
– Annonciade Chapel (17th Century)
– Saint Etienne de Cardo Church
– Saint Angelo Monastery
– Sainte Croix brotherhood Oratory (15th Century)


The town has a magnificent theatre, built in 1874 by the Italian architect Andrea Scala, who also built the theatre in Pisa.

At the top of Boulevard Paoli, you will find the Palace of Justice of Bastia, the Governor’s Palace and the magnificent citadel of Bastia, which is separated from the old port by the Romieu Gardens, which are also worth visiting.

The special ambience of the old port of Bastia also attracts many visitors.

You should absolutely go to Saint Nicolas square (300 metres long and 90 metres wide), with its bars and restaurants from where you can enjoy the view and the large palm tree avenues.

To get to the south of the island from Bastia, take the Bastia tunnel and at the other end you will find the small beach of Ficajola, which used to serve as a mooring place for ships.