Moriani plage

Region : MORIANI

Situated on the eastern coast of the island, Moriani is a seaside resort being a part of the small region of Costa Verde at only 40km from Bastia.
This small region is made of 14 towns and 17km of beaches in gentle slopes, ideal for bathing with small children.
The town of San Giovani de Moriani is composed of 6 hamlets perched on the hillside: Casone, Cioti, Reghjetu, Serra, Serrale and Tribbiolu

It is surrounded of many hiking paths and holds a bontanic path.


Population : 1321 inhabitants (FNISES 2014 Sources)
Surface area : 1018ha


Moriani has no airport and no port, just a marina.
The town is then accessible from the airport and port of Bastia (30 and 40km).
In this municipality there is the forest of Galganera, one of the largest box tree and yew tree forests in Europe, where the Golden eagle nests and, because of the coolness of the forest and its fertile soil, many wild boars roam.


The archaeological discovery of a jar and some glass fragments by a coal miner on Mont Castelli Vecchju proves that there was human habitation in this municipality during the Neolithic era.



In this region there are two rivers: the Bucatoghju in the south and the Petrignani in the north, where you can fish for brown trout.
The town has one the the nicest and largest forests with boxes andyews of Europe, the forest of Galganera where is nesting the royal eagle and where you will find many wild boars attracted by freshness of the place and richness of the subsoils.
The Botanical Trail of San Giovanni Di Moriani (3h30min)
20 hiking trails.


Parish Church in the town-centre of Moriani
Penitents Chapel from the 16th Century face to the Parish Church
The Annunciation Baroque Chapel in Tribbiolu
Sainte Marie Chapel in Cioti consecrated to Virgin
Sainte Dévote Chapel in Serra
Saint Roch Chapel in Reghjetu
Notre Dame des 7 Douleurs Chapel in Casone
San Mamilianu Chapel on a rocky peak above Moriani accessible by foot (30 min)