Situated between Bonifacio, at the tip of the most southern part and the Nacres coast, a micro-region on the East Coast of Corsica, the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio remains the most popular tourist destination of Corsica, visit the Porto Vecchio region !

Indeed, its wonderful beaches of whom Palombaggia and Santa Giulia which are classified by UNESCO amongst the nicest beaches in the world are very famous.!

The Gulf of Porto-Vecchio will offer you as landscape long beaches of fine sand as these of Fautea, Saint Cyprien, Pinarello, Cala Rossa, wonderful pine forests and at only a few minutes the majestic Bavella needles called “Horne of Asiano” Porto-Vecchio and its region remains the most popular tourist destination of Corsica, and so it is also the most over-crowded region during high season…

All kinds of activities are available : relaxing on the beach, water sports, hiking, but also mountain sports such as canyoning, climbing,…

If you want to spend your holiday in this region, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay :


In the South of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, the Palombaggia Bay or simply paradise on the earth.
The colour schemes in Palombaggia are unique: red rocks, white sand, bright green umbrella pines, etc.
All this facing a crystal clear sea out of which small uninhabited islands emerge (Cerbicale Islands).
This enchanting (and protected) setting has its drawbacks: in summer masses of tourists invade it from the nearby holiday resort of Porto-Vecchio.
All the more, because the roads leading there are very beautiful, and the beach restaurants very welcoming.
If you want to find some peace and quiet, walk as far as possible along the long beach, or then come early in the morning.


During your stay, go and see the Needles of Bavella !

Bavella is one of the most important regions in the Corsican mountains.
And for a very good reason: its imposing mountain range, its pass and its forests combine all the geological characteristics of the island: spectacular rock formations with colours running from the most delicate red to the darkest grey, interspersed with huge Laricio pine forests.

You will have the most beautiful views, notably of the Needles of Bavella, from the pass with the same name (elev.1218m) in the middle of the regional park. It is also the point of departure for many hikes of all levels of difficulty, notably the one to the geological curiosity known as the “Trou de la Bombe” (bomb hole).

A one-hour walk in the shade of the pine trees will get you there, allowing you to penetrate the mountainous region without any danger.

To reach Bavella from the east coast, you can either take the D368 from Porto Vecchio and Zonza, or, further north, the D268 from Solenzara.
You should take the latter, which is winding and often quite narrow, but on which you will discover the diversity of the landscapes: from the river of Solenzara and its natural swimming holes to the huge rock formations the closer you get to the pass.

In order to get back to Porto Vecchio, it’s worth taking the D368 via the very beautiful Ospedale massif.
From the village of the same name you have a beautiful view of the Gulf of Porto Vecchio.

Be forewarned : in summer there are so many tourists, it is like on a mountain stage of the “Tour de France”.


We now suggest that you visit the museum of Alta Rocca, which will take you through eleven thousand years of human history!

On a visit lasting about 40 minutes you can admire the objects from the excavations that have been undertaken in Alta Rocca since 1963, which include the archaeological remains of Cucuruzzu and Capula, The Lady of Bonifacio, the most ancient human skeleton found in Corsica as well as an amazing collection of jewellery from the Iron Age and an ivory Christ dating from the 16th century.

Every year the curator also puts on several temporary exhibitions.
You will also find information on the Alta Rocca area (beach/mountain), but also ethnological collections (costumes, furniture, trades and tools) dating from the 8th millennium BC to the end of the Middle Ages.

The Golf of Porto-Vecchio has all the advantages to ensure that you will have an unforgettable holiday, so don’t hesitate and come!