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Location Scandola Nature Reserve : between Galeria (in the north) and Porto (in the south)

Scandola Nature Reserve is the absolute gem of Corsica.

Established in 1975, this nature reserve protects 900 hectares of land and 1’000 hectares of sea.

This landscape of volcanic origin, sculpted by water and wind, is simply breathtaking with its steep cliffs, amazing red rocks and its totally secluded coves.

The coast is virtually inaccessible on foot.

Imagine : only 3 km inland, the mountains already reach an altitude of 1’000m.

The best way to get there is by boat (regular shuttle service from Calvi, Galeria and Porto), but nevertheless, the site can get very crowded in summer.

It is also strictly regulated : speed limits for boats, scuba diving and fishing are forbidden.

It is definitely worth the effort : you will find a sea teeming with fish, and maybe even spot a school of dolphins close to the shore.

This marvellous corner of paradise belongs to the mere 2% of marine protected areas in the Mediterranean (20% would be needed to restore its marine biodiversity).

Intensive fishing in the Mediterranean has led to a decrease in fish population, and certain species like the grouper or the red coral can only be found in nature reserves like the one in Scandola, which is the most beautiful of all!