Ajaccio and its surroundings - south corsica


The Gulf of Ajaccio lies in the southern part of Corsica, between the Sagone and the Valinco region.
It extends from the Capo di Feno to the Capu Di Muro.

Ajaccio is the « central part » of the island, half way between Bonifacio (far south) and Bastia (northern part of the island). It is therefore the perfect region from where you can visit the whole island.
The Ajaccio region is well known by many tourists, mainly because of its many wonderful beaches, but also because of the history of the town under the reign of Napoleon.

If you want to spend your holiday in the Ajaccio region, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay :


The exquisite beach of Mare E Sole, also called Plage d’Argent (“the Silver Beach”), which lies on the south shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio, 8 km from the sea resort Porticcio, is an absolute jewel !
Its turquoise water, its beach with its fine, silvery sand (hence the name “Silver Beach”) and its breathtaking view will not fail to dazzle you!
Moreover, this splendid beach, 500 metres long, is ideal for small children, as they can touch bottom for at least 10 metres.
With your goggles and snorkel you can explore the shallow depths, the reliefs of the rocks being another charming feature of this idyllic place!
There is also a magnificent pine tree forest bordering this beach, where you can have a picnic in the shade of its pines !

During your holiday in the Ajaccio region, don’t forget to go and enjoy this beach !


Go and visit the Sanguinaires Islands just outside Ajaccio ! Just a few minutes from the centre of town, after a few curves, the road stops at La Parata point and its Genovese tower.
You have arrived in the Sanguinaires !

It is as if you were at the end of the world, breathtaking landscapes, a view of the “famous” Sanguinaires Islands, composed of four small islands in all, it would only take a magnificent sunset over the red rocks for you to become totally enchanted by this magical place !

To reach La Parata point, there are 3 possibilities :

– Take the small tourist train that departs from the “Place des Palmiers” in Ajaccio.
– Park your car on the big parking lot on the Sanguinaires road and take a short walk of about 3 km to get there.
– Take the boat from the marina in Ajaccio, which will allow you to walk on the Sanguinaires Islands.

The Sanguinaires Islands should not be missed during your stay in the Ajaccio region !


We invite you to discover the “Château de la Punta”, built on the heights of Ajaccio !

This monument, unfortunately closed to the public because of a fire, is a remnant of the Palais des Tuileries in Paris, which was destroyed in a fire during the Paris Commune in 1871.
It was then rebuilt by Jerôme Pozzo Di Borgo on a magnificent site overlooking the town of Ajaccio.

However, you can admire the exterior of this palace by taking the Alata road as far as the junction with the road leading to the Chateau de la Punta.

But once again, one has to make an effort to see it, and so you must park your car and continue on foot, as the road is in such a bad condition that cars are not allowed!
If you want to spend your holiday in the Ajaccio region, you will find activities for all ages and interests, be they by the water, in nature or cultural !

The Ajaccio region has all the ingredients to make your holiday an unforgettable event, so don’t hesitate and come!

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