Les aiguilles de Bavella - photos JP PIRAS


Location Needles of Bavella : about 50 km north west of Porto-Vecchio and 30 km south of Solenzara

The Needlles of Bavella is a highlight of the corsican mountain !

For a very good reason : fon one side the mountain pass, and on the other side the forest.
It summarizes itself the particularities of the island relief, with dramatic rock formation and colours from most delicate red to the darkest grey and all “sprinkled” with giant Laricio pines.

The most beautiful panoramas on the Needles of Bavella  can be seen at the passed called Col de Bavella ( 1218m high ) inside the regional reserve.

That is too the point of departure of many walks for all level,s in particular for the geological curiosity for the known as “Hole of the Bomb”.
Accessible in 1 hour under the shade of the pines, it allows us to approach without too much hasard the world of high mountains.

From the oriental coast, you have the choice of the roads: the D368 from Porto Vecchio and Zonza and further north, the D268 from Solenzara.

It is the latter-very winding and narrow-you have to take to admire the variety of the landscapes, from the river of Solenzara and its natural swimming pools to its immense rocky cliffs next to the pass.

We will prefer the road D368, via the very beautiful massif of the Ospedale.

The village of the same name notably offers a very beautiful view on the gulf of Porto Vecchio.

Warning : In summer, there are so many tourists that it is not unlike a mountain stage of the “tour de France”.

The most beautiful accommodations in this region