Propriano plage


Propriano city and its region is the perfect alliance between wonderful beaches and creeks and scrubland where any leisure is possible.

Situated on the west coast of the island, Propriano is situated in equidistance between Ajaccio and Bonifacio. It is a very well-known seaside resort.


Population : 3797 inhabitants (FNISES 2014 Sources)
Territory of Valinco and Sartenais : 73km of beaches
Traffic of passengers in the port : 85 628 (2009 sources )


Propriano has a port managed by the chamber of commerce and industry of Ajaccio.
The town also has a marina and a fishport managed by the municipality : The Portu di Valinco.
You will also find an airfield on the road of Campomoro, particulary intended to lines in the island.
It is possible to link up Valinco Region by plain from the airports of Ajaccio and Figari which are in equidistance (about 1h30).


The history of Propriano is quite recent.
Its inhabitants are of Greek, Pisan and Turkish origin.
Like many Corsican towns, it is frequently invaded, e.g. by the Vandals in the 5th century and the Saracens in the 7th century.
The excavated ruins of two churches, the oldest dating from the 6th or 7th century, give evidence that the Christianization of Corsica was quite advanced in Propriano.
The smaller church was built on the ruins of the older one (ca. 16 meters long and 8.5 meters wide), whose size could lead one to imagine that it might have been a bishop’s see.
On the site of the smaller church the ruins of a necropolis from the 4th century were also discovered.
In more recent times it is the construction of the road in 1873 connecting Ajaccio with Bonifacio that will contribute to the growth of Propriano.
Its port also begins to expand.


Notre Dame de la Miséricorde Church ( 1864 built by the Hess architect ), its 3 Bells ( 1881 ), the Procession statue (1891)
– Church called Sainte Marie Chapel ( 1860 )
Préhistoric Site of Filitosa with its statues and menhirs (8000 years)
Baths of Caldanes (20min from Propriano) : private & natural Site of sulphurous waters at 38°C with medicinal virtues


Propriano region repletes with wonderful beaches and creeks of fine sand and with turquoise waters.

The most famous :

Taravo Beach
Baracci Beach
Capu Laurozu Beach
Portigliolo Beach
Campomoro Beach
Tizzano Beach
Porto-Pollo Beach
Propriano Beach

The most beautiful accommodations in this region