The far South-Bonifacio (Bonifacio – Figari)  is located in the far South Corsica, between the bay of Valinco Porto-Vecchio.

It is one of most beautiful regions of the island and attracts many holidaymakers!

On leaving Sartene, on a winding road, you will come to the famous  « Lion of Roccapina  », a rock shapep by nature into the form of a lion, shorty after you will reach the coast where a breathtaking landscape awaits you.

– In good weather you can see the Sardinian coast just 12 km from the coast of Bonifacio.
The far South-Bonifacio is a true «open-air museum» with historical monuments that you can visit, e.g. the stone huts called « baracun » and « tramizi » in the surrounding countryside, its marina, its upper town with its magnificent citadel and tiny alleys, its ramparts, its ramparts, its beautiful beaches such as Rondinara…
You can also take the boat from Bonifacio to visit the grotto where, as if it were “painted” in the rock, you will find a «hole» in the shape of Corsica.
Then a stopover on the Lavezzi Islands, an idyllic, protected site, where fishing, fires, etc. are completely prohibited.

You can also catch a glimpse of the Cavallo Islands, which are privately owned, then by boat discover the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, e.g. Sperone with its many luxurious villas.
If you want to spend your holiday in the far South-Bonifacio, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay :


The Rondinara beach, a small Garden of Eden, 20 km from Bonifacio, won’t disappoint you !
Often voted as the most beautiful beach of France and Europe, this magnificent fine sandy beach and turquoise water is a true small paradise and certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.
Its gentle slope is ideal for family bathing and not dangerous for young children.
Hard to imagine that for most of the year this beach is occupied by cows, taking advantage of this peaceful place before the tourist rush!


In half-way between Corsica and Sardinia, are hidden wonderful small islands :
This peaceful place is accessible by boat from the marina of Bonifacio. It is one of the rare sites “unspoilt” by human pollution. It is part of a highly protected and regulated nature reserve.
So you will find nobody and no animal on these islands aside from some tourists on a short stopover.
You can simply admire the beauty of this place with its wild landscape, its crystal clear water, where you can go for a swim, and the magnificent rocks that give this place its authentic charm !


You can see traces of King of Aragon on the King Aragon Steps, carved in the cliffs of Bonifacio.
There are 187 steps descending directly into the sea.
They were built in 1420, in order to have access to a spring of drinking water at the bottom of the cliff.
They are one of the tourist attractions of the Bonifacio region, they can be seen either from the top of the cliff or from the boat.


Situated in the far south of Corsica, the Golf of Spérone face to Sardinia is famous for being one of the most beautiful golfs in the world. It proposes an undulating golf course of 18 holes on 80 hectares overhanging the sea.
The far South-Bonifacio has all the advantages to ensure that you will have an unforgettable holiday, so don’t hesitate, come and stay!