Underwater photos of Corsica : With its 1000 km of coastline, Corsica will delight all scuba diving enthusiasts!

Its seabed are of an exceptional beauty, so exceptional that they attract thousands of scuba-divers every year, who come to admire its uneven relief with its faults, peaks, canyons …,the huge diversity of its marine animal-life, but also its warm and crystal-clear water that make each dive a wonderful experience !
The seabed reflect the island itself : a different relief in each region which makes each dive unique, breathtaking underwater landscapes, an enormously rich variety of fauna and flora,… in short, the underwater part of the “gem”!
Many sites are so exceptional that they have an international reputation !
Moreover, in order to best preserve these treasures, which nature has given us, some of these sites are now part of protected nature reserves, overseen by the Coastal Conservatory
To give you an idea of the beauty of the underwater world, you will find above photos of underwater photo expeditions, which will entice you to go scuba diving! So get out your flippers, goggles and regulators!
These underwater views of Corsica have been offered to us By Nicolas CAPRILI from the diving center CORSEPLONGEE in Porticcio