Corsican Coastline : Corsica has 1000 km of coastline !
The Corsican coastline, the island of beauty coast. Corsica has approximately 1000km of coastline; its coastline is appreciated by tourists for the beauty of its beaches but also for the diversity of its landscapes: each place is unique.
Some sites are so exceptional they are now under the protection of the Coastal Conservatory, which ensures that these “gems” remain preserved!
That is why some sites are totally protected, as, for example, the 30 km of coastline between Campomoro and Roccapina, a completely undeveloped area, or the 100 km of landscape with its lagoons in North Corsica along the Eastern coast of the island!
Here are some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes, classified by region !


What strikes you first when you come to the coast of Cap Corse isn’t the beauty of the beaches, but its unspoilt landscape with its jagged coastline and its lovely small villages perched on top of the mountains, so very typical for the Cap Corse !
In this region you will also find beautiful small and almost completely unspoilt coves.
Its nature heritage has been almost totally preserved !


The coast of the Saint Florent / Agriates region has two gems: the beaches of Saleccia and Loto with the completely arid landscape of the Agriates Desert in the background (as these two beaches are not easily accessible, i.e. only by boat or on foot, the number of visitors remains limited) !


The coast of the Balagne region distinguishes itself because of the exceptional beauty of its fine sandy beaches. It is the perfect place for “dolce far niente”!
Its most beautiful beaches are those of Bodri and Elbo with their turquoise water, fine sand and magnificent red rocks in the background. They are expecting you!
It is not surprising that it was decided to protect this part of the coast, as, for example, with the Nature Reserve of Scandola!


The coast of the Porto-Piana region need not be envious of the other coastal areas of the island…
And rightly so ! The beaches may not be as superb, but the coastline is breathtakingly beautiful: astonishingly shaped red rocks emerging from the water, small coves only accessible by boat, calanques or calanche, the village of Girolata or the Scandola Nature Reserve

So many gems in the same coastal area !


Another picturesque coastline with its postcard views and its magnificent beaches, such as Tiuccia or Sagone with their fine sand, turquoise and crystal clear water…
In short, the perfect combination for all lovers of holidays by the sea !


The coast of the Ajaccio region is without any doubt amazingly beautiful :
The Sanguinaires Islands, with their breathtaking landscape making you believe you have come to the end of the world…
The beaches of Porticcio and of the surrounding area, the golden medal going to the silver beach in the municipality of Coti Chiavari, known as Mare Sole.
Imagine a place like paradise, with a pine forest, an amazingly white, fine sand, crystal clear water with magnificent small rocks, an ideal place for small children, because of the shallow water and, last but not least, very easy to get to!
Clearly an idyllic site!


The coast of the Valinco region is one of the most beautiful in Corsica and rightly so: it offers the perfect combination between fabulous fine sandy beaches and coves and an unspoilt nature, such as the famous beach of Campomoro, but it offers more than that !
In actual fact, along this coast there are several small gems, such as the region of Roccapina with its rocks carved into different shapes by nature itself, although one could believe that they were sculpted by human beings, or almost completely preserved and undeveloped sites such as Mortoli !


The coast of the Bonifacio/Figari region offers a breathtaking panorama!
And for very good reasons: the white limestone cliffs plunging into the crystal clear water, small grottos that can be visited by boat, an unspoilt view of the Lavezzi Islands, of Cavallo or on a clear day, of Sardinia, which is only about 10 kilometres away from the Isle of Beauty.
Hard to imagine a more beautiful landscape!


What else can one say about the coast of the Porto-Vecchio region other than it being one of the most beautiful in the world !

Here you will find magnificent bays, some of which have been classified by UNESCO among the most beautiful in the world, such as the bay of Palombaggia or the lovely bay of Santa Giulia, with their very fine white sand, turquoise water, pine forests…
So it is not surprising that this part of the coast is very popular and famous all over the world !


The coast of the East Coast is mostly ignored by holidaymakers, and unjustly so !
It actually boasts some nice fine sandy beaches and shallow water that are ideal for young children, such as the beach of Moriani with its panoramic view of the nearby mountains, you will also discover plains and lagoons, lakes and rivers, all of which make this the ideal place for recreational holidays.
So do not hesitate and come and spend your holiday here !