The Gulf of Valinco (or Propriano-Valinco Region) is one of the nicest regions of Corsica.

Situated between the Gulf of Ajaccio more in the north on the west coast of the island and the far south, the Propriano-Valinco region offers the perfect combination of wonderful, fine sandy beaches and coves and an unspoilt nature with a lush macchia.

The region of the Gulf of Valinco with its many popular holiday resorts is greatly appreciated by tourists mainly because of the contrast between its coastal landscapes, the unspoilt nature and its mountainous landscapes.
You will also find a rich cultural heritage in this region.

If you want to spend your holidays in the Gulf of Propriano-Valinco region, here are some of our favourite places, not to be missed during your stay :


Leaving Ajaccio on a winding-road up the mountain, you will come to Olmeto, the first vantage point with a view of the Mediterranean.
In this small and typical village with many stone houses, you will discover the almost hidden wonderful : Olmeto Beach
This beautiful, fine sandy beach, still quite unspoilt, where the macchia-covered mountains seems to drop right into the turquoise water of the Mediterranean is expecting you!
From the beach you can admire the panorama of the splendidly shaped coastline and enjoy the sun at the same time!

So during your holiday in the Gulf of Valinco, don’t forget to go and relax on this beach !


Here is a magical natural site for you to discover :

The Thermal Baths of Caldane. This is a natural hot sulphur spring with a water temperature of 38°C in the village of Chialza.
While sitting on the white stone benches in the 8m x 2m pool, you can offer yourself a moment of relaxation in these warm waters with their excellent healing powers especially for skin problems.
Its flow rate of 8 cubic meters per hour ensures that the water is always clean. Do not stay in the water longer than 20 min, or the healing effects of these waters will be lost!
Please note that these thermal baths are privately owned, so you must pay a modest entry fee of about 3.50 euro per person.

If you have ever dreamt of bathing in a natural jacuzzi, this is the place to do it!


If you stay in the Gulf of Propriano-Valinco, you have to visit the prehistoric site of Filitosa. It is the most significant one in Corsica and more than 8’000 years old.
This site has been classified as a historical monument.
During a short family walk you can discover some archaeological remains, notably 16 Statue-menhirs or a Cyclopean enclosure, three Torrentian monuments, a village of huts as well as various relics such as fragments of ceramics or weapons.
There is a guided tour of the site and there are information panels in several languages.
The tour lasts about 45 minutes.

The Propriano-Valinco region has all the advantages to ensure that you will have an unforgettable holiday, so don’t hesitate and come!

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