Location Girolata : about 30km north of Porto

At the southernmost end of the Scandola Nature Reserve lies Girolata, one of the emblematic destinations of Corsica, often seen on the cover of many Corsica guide books.

With its Eucalyptus trees, its Genovese fort, its turquoise bay, its houses clinging to the steep cliffs and its surrounding mountains, this hamlet is an ideal place to “get away-from-it-all”…. But not in summer, when it’s overrun by tourists!

As there is no road, the best way to get there is by boat: most excursions leave from Calvi and Porto.

The physically fit can hike there from the Col de la Croix, about 22km north of Porto, a wonderful 4-hour walk (round trip) through the maquis.

Once there you will find all the conveniences you need for a short or longer stay (restaurants, accommodation, etc.…)

There had been plans for tourism development in the past (underground car parks, luxury holiday flats, cliff railway), but as the nature reserve is protected, they were fortunately all abandoned.

The most beautiful accommodations in this region