Porticcio is a famous seaside resort, situated on the Gulf of Ajaccio southern side,
Ideed, this-one has an exceptional location, facing the Imperial City !
Only about 20 kilometres seperates Porticcio from Ajaccio.

Its beaches of fine sand as well as its turquoise waters will offer you a panoramic view on the sea where you will distantly contemplate the town of Napoleon.

The seaside resort is linked up to the Village of Grosseto Prugna, situated higher, in the hinterland, at about 30 kilometres linked up by the NR 193 in the Ajaccio – Bonifacio way.
The municipality extends from its coastal landscape far into the hilly hinterland, which is covered with a lush macchia!


Population : a bit more than 2919 inhabitants (FNISES 2014 Sources)
Surface Area : 3 156ha


The municipality is one of the «rare» places that is easily accessible by public transport.
Indeed, the town is at only about fifteen kilometres from Ajaccio’s Airport.
It is also served by the port of Ajaccio (about 20km).
From Porticcio you can also take a sea shuttle to the centre of Ajaccio. The trip lasts about 20 minutes with two services a day (one in the morning, one in the evening).

It is also linked up to Ajaccio by a bus line : about 2 shuttles per day.


It owes its existence to the mountain village of Grosseto-Prugna.
Like in other coastal areas, the original inhabitants of Porticcio used to live in the mountains (in the case of Porticcio it was in Grosseto Prugna).
They came to the coast with their beasts to let them graze in the pastures by the sea, away from the cold and where the climate in winter is much milder!


The Genovese tower of Capitello ( 16th century ), this one is the most important of the Gulf and was built during the Saint Georges Mediation. It is located in edge of the river of Prunelli.
The Frasso Tower ( 16th century )
The Saint Cesaire Church ( 16th century ) roman building in the centre of the village of Grosseto-Prugna.


Porticcio, enlarges upon the sea and stops in Agosta ( town of Albitreccia ).

Here are the most famous :

Capitello Beach at the entry 
Viva Beach in the town-centre 

The most beautiful accommodations in this region