I Canistrelli 

Corsican cooking, recipes and discovering of the corsican flavours

Corsican dry cakes, eaten with coffee in the morning or at 4 o’clock.

For 8 people / Preparation time : 2 hours / Cooking time : 50 mn


-1 kg of flower,
-200 g of sugar,
-3 eggs,
-1 glass of “eau de vie”
-25 cl of water,
-25 g bakers’s yeast


1-Add the tepid water to the yeast and then 300g of flour, stir together. Leave to stand for 1 hour in a warm place. Now you have your leaven.

2-In a salad bowl, mix your leaven with the other ingredients to obtain a rather stiff dough leave to stand for another 1 hour.

3-Roll out the dough; it should be 1 cm thick, and with a pastry cutting wheel, cut into square or rectangles. These are “canistrellis”.

4-Place the canistrellis on an olled baking tray and put in the oven for 50 min, at thermostat 4.

Then “canistrellis” have several variations and can be made with aniseed, white wine or almonds.