History of Corsica
Filitosa prehistoric site - southern corsica
History of Corsica
Aleria ancient city - northern corsica
History of Corsica
Campomoro genoese tower valinco bay - southern corsica
History of Corsica
Punta-castel - Ajaccio - southern corsica

Other cultural places

Miscellaneous cultural links of Corsica


Festivals and fairs in Corsica

Festa di l´oliu novu (new oil holiday) : Sainte Lucie de Tallano (march).

Wind holiday : Calvi (october).

Fiera di u mare (sea holiday) : Santa Severa

Fiera di u Casgiu (cheese Holiday) : Venaco (may).

Fiera di u vinu (wine Holiday) : Luri (july).

Guitare Nights : Patrimonio (july).

Theater Meetings in Northern Corsica : valley du Giussani (july-august).

Italian Cinema meetings : in Bastia

Nature and craft

A.S.M.S.C.O : the society for the protection of the sub-aquatic environment (Gulf of Porto) of the Osani community.

A Cupulatta : centre for the breeding and protection of turtles, Vero (Ajaccio).

O.E.C : environmental observatory of Corsica.

A Pesca Corsa : the corsican fishing.

U Fragnu : oilmill visit in Balagne

U Levante : Protection of environment in Corsica.

CorsicAne - U Sumerettu : Accessories and sculptures for inner and exterior decoration

Villages of Corsica

Antisanti : village of Northern Corsica situated between Aléria and Corte.

Canari : village of Cap Corse (Northern Corsica).

Corte : Ancient Capital of Corsica. University town

History of Nebbiu : a region of Upper Corsica, west of Cap Corse and east of Balagne.

Ogliastru : village of Cap Corse (Northern Corsica).

Pietracorbara : Village of Cap Corse ( Upper Corsica )

Porri : village of Casinca (Northern Corsica).

Sainte-Lucie de Tallano : village of l´Alta-Rocca (Southern Corsica).

Vescovato : village of Casinca (Northern Corsica).

Corsican Villages : corsican villages directory


ADECEC : Society for the development of archaeological, historical, linguistic and nature studies of the eastern centre of Corsica. (Cervioni).

Collect-art : Art Gallery “Collect'Arts” Corsica - expositions and online sale.

Association Ciné 2000 : Ajaccio.

Economic, Social and Cultural Council of Corsica.

Corse insolite : mysterious places and documents of Corsica

Henri Tomasi : site dedicated to the Corsican conductor and composer

INRA Corse : agricultural research in Corsica, between San Giuliano and Corté.

INSEE Corse : statistical data of Corsica.

Moulin Farellacci : mill and Corsican food (Calvese-Sollacaro).

U Teatrinu : Corsican language theatre company (Bastia).

Univ-Corse : the Pasquale Paoli University of Corsica (Corte).

Cuciurpula : A village from the Iron Age in the mountains of Corsica

Corsican Tour

A.S.A.C.C : Rallyes of Corsica