Saint Florent Agriates
Lodo beach agriate northern corsica
Saint Florent Agriates
Lodo beach northern corsica
Saint Florent Agriates
Lodo beach –saint florent region northern corsica
Saint Florent Agriates
Nebbiu vineyard
Saint Florent Agriates
Saint florent village northern corsica

Desert of Agriates

Desert of Agriates, a desert nearby Saint Florent in Corsica

Of about 16000 hectares, windswept and sun-scorched landscape, the Agriates Desert is a very large & arid landscape where nothing growths, nothing is built...

This former "granary of Corsica" whose farmlands used to feed the Corsicans for many centuries, has certainly changed : no signs of habitation or agriculture, only a rocky terrain as far as the eye can see with craters, dells and in winter snowy peaks with the blue sea and Cap Corse in the background (especially in the western part).

As you get closer you to the coast, the terrain becomes gentler and lighter, finally giving way to a much lusher landscape !

The only road (D81) that runs through this desert offers a view of its highest peaks (less than 500m high), but there are also some smaller roads that in the north lead back to the coast of Agriates.

The first one in the west will take you to the cove of Mafalco (about 10 km), the other one, which begins in the hamlet of Casta, to the beach of Saleccia (12km).