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Bastia Cap Corse
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Bastia Cap Corse
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Bastia Cap Corse
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Centuri wonderful small port at the highest point of Cap Corsica

Centuri is situated in the Upper Corsica french department, on the west part of Cap Corse.

It is located at 50km from Bastia and 59km from Saint Florent.
The coastline in the municipality of Centuri is very jagged and rocky, and there is a bird reserve on the island of Capense.
The region is characterized by a low mountain range, its highest point being the Pointe de Toricella at an altitude of 562m.

The municipality of Centuri is made up of 7 villages and hamlets, all of which are perched on the mountainsides.

A few numbers about Centuri

Population of Centuri: 225 inhabitants (FNISES 2008 Sources)

Transport for Centuri

Centuri has no airport and no port, just a small fishermen port.
The town is so accessible from the airport and the port of Bastia.

History of Centuri

The port of Centuri is said to date back to the 6th century BC. It was known under the name of «Centurinum Civitas», and was connected to Macinaggio by a Roman road.

Until the end of the 12th century the town belonged to Seigneur Peverelli, who had the support of Genoa.

In the 13th century the port of Centuri was the second most important port of the island after Erbalunga.
During this century the Genovese fortified the island of Capense.

In the 18th century the town constructed a pier.
During this period the port of Centuri served as a military harbour under the command of Pascal Paoli. It was also the arsenal of the Corsican national navy.

In 1767, with the help of the Corsicans and Cap Corsicans, Paul Mattei, a native of Centuri, managed to recapture the island of Capraia from the Genovese.

During the French Revolution in 1789, Cap Corse is divided into 4 cantons, one of which is Rogliano, and Centuri, formerly the parish of Capo Bianco, comes under its jurisdiction.

Sadly the port was destroyed by the British in 1794.

Cutural and Natural Heritage of Centuri

Many chapels and churchs:
- The €œEnsemble Paroissial Saint Sylvestre€ (17th century, rebuilt in the 19th century)
- Brotherhood of Penitents of Sainte Croix Chapel (16th century)
- Sainte Trinité Chapel in Orche (16th century)
- Santa Chiara Chapel
- Saint Antoine Chapel located in the port
- Santa Maria Madeleine Chapel Ruins on the Capense Island

Other Ancient Monuments to visit in Centuri and surroundings :
- Tower Castle in Merlacce
- Bellavista Castle in Ortinola
- Genovese Tower of the Porto
- Genovese Tower of Capu Biancu
- Canella Fountain
- Fishermen Port of Centuri
- Capense Island


Beaches of Centuri and its Region

Here are a few beaches of Rogliano Administrative District:
Tamarone Beach
Cala Genovese Beach
Cala Francese Beach
Capensola Bay
Cala Beach
Centuri Beach