The Corsican mountain
Bastiani lake
The Corsican mountain
Melo lake and capitello lake
The Corsican mountain
River of corsica
The Corsican mountain
San Petrone village
The Corsican mountain
Punta di Casinca village in corsica
The Corsican mountain
Ciamannaccia village in winter

The Corsican Mountain

the corsican mountain, its rivers, its sheepfolds and its untypical landscapes

Here are some photos of the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica. We will regularly add new photos of beautiful mountains and wonderful sites on the Isle of Beauty in the hope of making you want to come and travelsee for yourself…

The Bavella needles

Location: about 50km north-west of Porto-Vecchio and 30km south of Solenzara

The Plateau of Coscione in Zonza

17 km from Zicavo and 30 km from Ajaccio, the Plateau of Coscione is a huge, Eurosiberian-like area with streams, “pozzines” (small water holes), pastures, prairies, moors and beech groves.

The Rivers of Corsica

A lot of natural pools provide the possibility to take a swim...

Natural water sources in Corsica

Corsica has more than enough water all year long. You can drink it directly at the source from numerous fountains that you will find here and there at regular intervals along the mountain trails...

The Sheepfolds of Corsica

Scattered in the mountains, the sheepfolds have mostly been abandoned due to the decline in transhumance, but they still shelter some shepherds and their animals between May and October.

Lake Melo and Lake Capitello

Located in Cortenais (south of Corté), these two lakes belong to the “must-visits” because of the breathtaking views. Overrun in summer. Don’t forget to equip yourself with proper gear

The Castagniccia

One of the sites not to be missed is Monte San Petrone (1767m) from where you will have a magnificent view over all of Castagniccia

Nino Lake

In centre of Corsica, between Corte and Porto, it is situated on the route of GR20. The distinctive feature of Nino is that, unlike the other lakes at high altitudes (Melo et Capitello), it lies in a wide-open space. It is the glacier lake that is said to be the “most beautiful of Corsica”.

Monte Rinosu

Located in Fium’Orbu, within regional Nature Reserve of Corsica, Bastiani Lake is situated face to Monte Rinosu ( 2352 ), that is one of the highest lakes of Corsica.