Porto Vecchio
Santa giulia beach porto vecchio southern corsica (Jp Piras)
Porto Vecchio
Saint cyprien beach porto vecchio southern corsica (Jp Piras)
Porto Vecchio
Porto vecchio southern corsica (Jp Piras)
Porto Vecchio
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Porto Vecchio
Palombaggia beach porto vecchio southern corsica (Jp Piras)


Solenzara is a part of the small region of la Côte des Nacres


Situated on the easter plain of the island but getting to the french department of Southern Corsica, Solenzara is a part of the small region of «Côte des Nacres» which includes 3 communes :
-Solenzara and

Solenzara is on the boundary of Porto-Vecchio.
The village is at 38km from Porto-Vecchio.


The region is hilly with small valleys that are surrounded by hills and low mountains, whereas the village of Solenzara lies on the coast and has a marina.

The hinterland is made of hikking paths and disposes of a very varied wildlife and flora.


A few numbers about Solenzara

Population of Solenzara : 1200 inhabitants (FNISES 2008 Sources)
Surface Area of Solenzara : 7400ha
Marina : 450 mooring rings


Transport for Solenzara

Solenzara has no port, the village is accessible from the port of Porto-Vecchio as well as from the airports of Figari and Bastia.

The town is situated on the NR198 which links up all the eastern coast from Porto-Vecchio to Bastia.


History of Solenzara

The village of Solenzara dates back to the 19th century and gets its name form a nearby river.

It is founded, because in 1840 Commander Poli opens a factory, where 6’000 tons of iron will be manufactured.

In 1944 during the Second World War the United States Army Air Force builds an air base in Solenzara.

From there, fighter planes and bomber aircrafts fly combat missions in support of the invasion of Southern France.

This air base is now part of NATO. Jet fighters take off from here for a mission during the NATO invasion of Libya in 2011.


Cultural and Natural Heritage of Solenzara and its region

- Marina of Solenzara
- Tree climbing park of Solenzara ( one of the biggest of Europe )
- Assunta Gloriosa Monastery
- Saint Sebastien Chapel
- Saint Paul de Solenzara Church ( 19th century )
- Genovese Tower
- The Monte Santu accessible from the village


Beaches of Solenzara and its region

Solenzara has a large beach directly accessible from the marina.


More in the south, the Canella beach situated into a cove which reveals its charm and its fine sand.

Finally, the Favone Beach marks out the town.