Porto Piana
Girolata bay southern corsica
Porto Piana
Fisherman port of girolata southern corsica
Porto Piana
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Porto Piana
Piana village
Porto Piana
Porto village southern corsica

The Calanche of Piana

The Calanche of Piana most wonderful landscapes of Corsica


Location: about 5km south of Porto and 4km north of Piana

Simply breathtaking! The Calanches (or calanques) are, along with the Scandola Nature Reserve, definitely the most wonderful landscapes of the island

For about 2km on the road between Porto and Piana, you will discover a series of fantastic rock formations of red granite sculpted into spectacular shapes: chimneys, peaks, men, animals€¦. Let your imagination fly.

The best time to see this wonderful place is at sunset, when the red granite is set ablaze.

You can also discover the Calanches on foot and go inland on the many footpaths branching off from the road.

However, avoid the high season (July-August)...

The Calanches are one of the obligatory tourist attractions in Corsica and the narrow road, which offers very few parking areas, is usually congested with sightseeing buses!