Porto Piana
Girolata bay southern corsica
Porto Piana
Fisherman port of girolata southern corsica
Porto Piana
Scandola nature reserve southern corsica
Porto Piana
Piana village
Porto Piana
Porto village southern corsica


Piana in Southern Corsica in the bay of Porto


The town of Piana is located in the the North Corsica in the french department of Southern Corsica in the Gulf of Porto.
It is situated at 440 metres height and only 12km from Porto.

It is in half-way between Ajaccio and Calvi.
Its crimson red rocks make of Piana one of the nicest places of Corsica.
The village overlooks the municipality of Porto and has been classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France.
The houses are laid out in the shape of an amphitheatre.
Between Porto and Piana, a narrow road winds itself along the cliffs. The Calanques plunge vertically into the sea…they seem to have been carved by hand.
One of them is heart-shaped, which makes it a very romantic place for lovers!
Although the sea is close-by, you cannot access it from the Calanques, you need to go to Porto to do so.

A few numbers about Piana

Population of Piana : 439 inhabitants (FNISES 2007 Sources)
Surface Area of Piana : 6260ha

Transport for Piana

Piana Region has no port and no airport.
The Village is so accessible from the ports and airports of Ajaccio and Calvi.

By the road from Ajaccio, it is possible to reach Piana either by the coastal linking up Ajaccio to Calvi (D81), or by the inland by taking the lead of Corte (NR193).

History of Piana

In the 15th century, the municipality of Piana used to be the parish of Salogna under the rule of the lords of Leca, which extended from Calvi to the north of Propriano.
The parish church was in San Marcellu.
The lords of Leca fought against the Genovese, but it was in vain, they were beaten and then massacred. At the end of the 15th century the Genovese stormed the castle of Jean-Paul Leca

Cultural and Natural Heritage of Piana and its Region

• Assomption Church in the heart of the village ( end of the 18th century )
•Genovese Tower of Turghju on the summit of Capo Rosso ( 16th century )
•Nature Site of Capo Rosso
•Forest of Piana : this-one covers the ruins of Jean-Paul Leca Castle
•The navy of Ficaghjola
The Calanques of Piana
Panoramic view of the Calanche (or Calanques) from the D81.
At the bottom, the Gulf of Porto then the Mont Senino, which dominates Girolata.

Piana and Nature

Piana is the starting point of many hikkings accessible at any age.
Arone Beach