Cargese Sagone
Cargese bay southern corsica
Cargese Sagone
Cargese orthodox church southern corsica
Cargese Sagone
Sagone beach southern corsica
Cargese Sagone
Sagone genoese tower southern corsica

Cargese Sagone

to visit Cargese and Sagone on the west coast of Corsica


The bay of Sagone extends from Capo Di Feno in the south to Cargese, more to the north.

From Ajaccio, a series of winding roads down the mountain will bring you to the Gulf of Sagone, along which you will find some of the most magnificent sandy beaches in this part of the island.

A bit of history : after the discovery of the Appriciani Menhir by Prosper Mérimée in the 19th century, the Gulf of Sagone is said to date back to the megalithic period.

The main towns from Cargese – Sagone region

- Tiuccia with its wonderful beaches, , part of the Gulf of Liscia,

- Sagone, a small village known for its cove and its beaches, which will bring you to the third most important municipality of the gulf : Cargese.

- Cargese, ancient Greek-Orthodox city, its architecture reminding us of its history: white houses with blue shutters, its famous Orthodox church, ruins of Roman churches and castles, and the famous ruins of Paomia, first Greek city...

In the hinterland, one of the villages that should not be missed is Vico, which certainly got its name from «Viculu», i.e. stream, because a magnificent river that has its source in the Liamone flows through it