Bonifacio Figari
Bonifacio far south corsica
Bonifacio Figari
Church figari far south corsica
Bonifacio Figari
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Bonifacio Figari
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Bonifacio Figari
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Figari with an international airport serving far south Corsica


Figari is situated in the French department of Southern Corsica and more particularly in the far south of the island.

The town is « at the gates » of Porto-Vecchio and at only a few kilometers from Bonifacio.

This-one is situated very nearby sea and mountain. Figari is only a village, but the village is made of 14 hamlets.

The main are :

- Tivareddu
- Tarabuccetta
- Poggiale
- Ogliastrella

Figari disposes of a naturally coastal front with a surface area of 800ha, protected from any building.

A few numbers about Figari

Population of Figari : 1 141 inhabitants (FNISES 2007 Sources )

Transport in Figari

Figari has an international airport serving the far south of the island.

It is also linked up by the NR196 from Ajaccio but also from the NR198 from Bastia (nice road runing along side the eastern coast of the island).

Figari has no port but may be served by the port of Porto-Vecchio very nearby ( about 20min by car ).

History of Figari

The first traces of agriculture in the region of Figari date back to 3’000 BC and some of these sites can be seen today on the plains between Sotta and Figari.

There are also traces of the presence of human civilization such as gravestones and burial vaults.

Then the statue-menhirs appear.

During Roman antiquity, a political administration is put in place, agriculture is developed and with the construction of roads, taxes could be collected.

Although the Roman government brings about an important modernization, the limits of their knowledge quickly become apparent and they make their first mistakes: the silting up of the ports, and so because of the ensuing lower river levels, more marshlands are formed and malaria can spread.

So at the end of the age of antiquity, the region is cut off from trade in the Mediterranean and is thrown on its own resources.

Like many other parts of the island the region of Figari is frequently invaded during the Middle Ages.

Cultural Heritage of Figari and its region

- The Genovese Tower
- San Quilico Di Montilati Chapel
- Saint Jean-baptiste Church in Pruno

Specificities of Figari and its region

Its vineyard is one of the oldest on the island!
Some vines were already cultivated in Roman times!

The wines of Figari are famous and have the mention AOC :

- The Clos de Sarcone
- The Domaine de Tanella
- The Clos Canarelli
- The Domaine Pietra Bianca
- The Domaine de Peretti

Figari and its region is then an ideal stage for the wine lovers !