Restaurant Hotel U Capu Biancu****

Bonifacio - Figari - Bonifacio

Restaurant Hotel U Capu Biancu****
Bonifacio - Figari - Bonifacio

Domaine de Pozzoniello
Route de Canetto

20169 Bonifacio - Bonifacio - Figari

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Opening date from 19/05/2022 to 02/11/2022


The restaurant U Capu Biancu overlooks the bay of Sant'Amanza in Bonifacio.
Along with the sea view, there is something truly unique about this restaurant in southern Corsica. Undoubtedly the hearty black-white cuisine!

The plates abound with tasty flavours. Intense colours and delicious flavours. They are the fruit of the talent, passion and inventiveness of Chef Gadio El Hadji.
Where does this sometimes brazen, sometimes cautious cuisine come from?
It is to be found in the unchallenged "Black soup", which is both black and creamy.

25 years later, the culinary style of the U Capu Biancu restaurant is just as meticulous and generous.
Audacious, it reinvents culinary alliances. It brazenly plays with spices from around the world and Corsican herbs.
A zest of cumin or turmeric here, another of erba barona or garden nepita there.

This seaside restaurant definitely makes holidays in Corsica much more... delectable.
Above all, the cuisine of the U Capu Biancu 4* deluxe hotel is committed!
Committed and assertive!
Most of the products come from the land of Corsica and the work of the local farmers.

You can savour them overlooking the sea: in the restaurant or in the paillotte.
For breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here, be assured, there is no chitchat.Only the real thing!

U Capu Biancu restaurant Santa Manza - Bonifacio 

U Capu Biancu restaurant Santa Manza - Bonifacio


Direct access to the sea

Private parking

Heated pool

Equipped beach


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