Corsica : Cuisine and flavours of the island

Corsican cooking, recipes and discovering of the corsican flavours

This book is a collection of 48 easy corsican recipes, to discover, composed of soups, omlettes and starters, pasta, fritters, flours, meets and their sauces, fishes and seafood, vegetables, desserts and biscuits. A good way to whet your taste buds’s !


Regionale cooking is very fashionable at the moment everybody must agree on that !

Above all, cooking unites a community, gives it a solid base while reviving tradition often bringing families, organisations or friends together round the same table.

Souhtern Corsica offers us quite different recipes than those from the north. Although they often have the same basic INGREDIENTS : it’s the ways people interpret the recipes which differ, the cooking time, the herbs ans spices…recipes from Castagniccia use an abundant supply of chestnut flour and pork, whereas those from Cape Corsica and Balagne have more fish dishes, due to their geographical position, even though they keep to the Corsican cooking tradition.

We have decided here to blend the moods, the fragrances combining the ideas from the various villages into this simple Corsican Cookery book.

Bon appetite !

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