Neri Agosta Real Estate Agency

20 166 Porticcio / Ajaccio Region – Ajaccio Located on the south shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio, with a wide choice of properties for summer rental.

Coti Immobilier

20 110 Propriano / Propriano Valinco Region – Seasonal rentals of apartments and holiday homes for up to 10 people in the Propriano region

Raineri Estate Agency

20 166 Porticcio / Ajaccio Region – For over 50 years, the Raineri agency has been helping you find your holiday rental on the South Shore. Studio, flat or villa right on the water!

Cala Rossa Real Estate Agency

20137 Porto-Vecchio / Porto Vecchio – Luxury villa rentals in the Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio area with luggage storage and personalised concierge service

Vista di Sognu Villas

4-star Vista di Sognu Villas Monticello Corsica

4-star villas for up to 5/6 people in the heart of the small village of Monticello, just 10 minutes from Île-Rousse. The proximity of the seaside with the peace and quiet of Corsican villages.

Alba Restaurant

Alba Restaurant Les Regalia Hotel Spa Pinarello terrace

The Alba restaurant is the restaurant of the hotel “Les Regalia Hôtel & Spa”. From its terrace you can enjoy the beautiful view of the bay of Pinarello.

Casa Santini x Roc Seven

Casa Santini x Roc Seven **** Porto-Vecchio ideally located by the sea with private harbour, minutes from the town centre.

Les Regalia Hotel & Spa

Les Regalia Hotel Spa Porto-Vecchio pool area

Les Regalia Hotel & Spa is a 5-star hotel with a gourmet restaurant. Overlooking the bay of Pinarello.

Go to Corsica

Go to Corsica : discover our selection of accommodations and activities for a dream holiday. GoToCorsica is a family-run business based in Porticcio, on the south shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio. Its mission, help people who love Corsica plan their holidays, by offering a selection of holiday properties and activities. With your family, friends […]

U Casinu Farmhouses

The U Casinu Farmhouses in Piana, South Corsica

The three farmhouses are located at only 100m from the centre of the village of Piana. Perfect for a holiday between the sea and the mountains.

Hertz Corse Bastia

Autovermietung Hertz Bastia 2

Underwater photos of Corsica

Underwater photos of Corsica : With its 1000 km of coastline, Corsica will delight all scuba diving enthusiasts! Its seabed are of an exceptional beauty, so exceptional that they attract thousands of scuba-divers every year, who come to admire its uneven relief with its faults, peaks, canyons …,the huge diversity of its marine animal-life, but also its warm […]

Aerial views of Corsica

Aerial views of Corsica Scandola

Discover the island of beauty through aerial views of Corsica carefully selected for you. Corsica seen from the sky, simply magnificent! Scandola The needles of Bavella Bavella Rondinara Beach Calvi Calvi Citadel Tolla lake Porto Isolella peninsula The Loin of Roccapina Roccapina Beach Piana, Capo d’Orto Nichiareto Bay Bonifacio Bonifacio Citadel The Lavezzi Islands The […]

The Corsican Coastline

Corsican Coastline : Corsica has 1000 km of coastline !The Corsican coastline, the island of beauty coast. Corsica has approximately 1000km of coastline; its coastline is appreciated by tourists for the beauty of its beaches but also for the diversity of its landscapes: each place is unique.Some sites are so exceptional they are now under the […]

The Corsican Mountains


The Corsican Montains : Here are some photos of the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica.We will regularly add new photos of beautiful mountains and wonderful sites on the Isle of Beauty in the hope of making you want to come and travelsee for yourself… THE NEEDLES of BAVELLALocation: about 50km north-west of Porto-Vecchio and 30km south of Solenzara […]

The most beautiful Corsican beaches


Looking for the most beautiful Corsican beaches ? Renowned for its magnificent beaches, most of which are still unspoilt, Corsica will amaze you with the quality of its waters and its natural scenery. The Corsican beaches ideal for family holidays but also for avid divers and extreme sports enthusiasts.The beaches that invite you to do […]

Panoramas of Corsica


Panoramas of Corsica : Here you will find some panoramic pictures of the most beautiful landscapes of Corsica island, we will regularly add new photos of the most beautiful beaches and of other lovely places on the “Isle of Beauty”, an invitation to travel… ROCCAPINA BEACH On the road Ajaccio-Bonifacio, about 35km south of Propriano and 32km […]

MarInCelu Villas Domaine


Marincelu Domaine it is nestled in the small peninsula of Porto Pollo, at the heart of the maquis and at only 250 m from the beach.

Hotel du Nord


Central hotel in Corte in a building dating from 1833, completely renovated with large rooms with character. Open all year round!

Duc de Padoue Hotel


Small hotel *** in Corte located in the heart of the city of Corte, close to all shops and activities and yet in the quiet of the charming square of Padua.



Are you planning to spend your next holiday in Corsica? Considered as the gem of the Mediterranean, this destination will not fail to amaze both young and adults with unforgettable holidays under the glorious southern sun! CORSICA FOR HOLIDAYS AS COUPLE OR FAMILY Corsica has something for everyone, whatever the age. In Ajaccio and Calvi, […]

Contact us

CONTACT US AllerEnCorse Adress: 682 bis Boulevard Marie Jeanne BOZZI BP. 3 PORTICCIO CORSICA 20166 France Phone: +33 (0)6 20 69 85 80   MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION Please fill in the form above as accurately as possible. We will answer you as soon as possible. WE ALSO INFORM YOU THAT WE DO NOT HAVE A […]

Ferry Corsica and Corsica crossing

Taking the waterway to arrival to Corsica    THE MÉRIDIONALE COMPANY SEA CROSSINGS                         La Méridionale Company Sea Crossings Continent > Corsica  //  Sea Crossings Corsica > Continent MARSEILLE – PORTO VECCHIO                          […]

The different Airports in Corsica

The different Airports in Corsica

THE DIFFERENT AIRPORTS IN CORSICA AIR TRANSPORT: AIRLINES REACH CORSICA BY AIR   International Airport Ajaccio – Napoléon Bonaparte (Campo dell’Oro) Phone : 00 33 (0)4 95 23 56 56 Site : International Airport Figari – South Corsica Phone : 00 33 (0)4 95 71 10 10 . Site : International Airport Bastia […]

Corsican railway

Corsican railway

The Corsican railway only serves the northern part of the island.. Indeed, its network in “Y” form only links the towns of Ajaccio and Bastia by way of Corte and Ponte Leccia to Calvi. It Includes all in all 230km with 157km on the railroad Ajaccio-Bastia and 73km on the railroad Ponte-Leccia-Calvi. THE HISTORY OF […]

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs in Corsica

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs in Corsica, our selection of establishments for your evenings or moments of relaxation. BARS/PUBS IN CORSICA THE BARS AND PUBS OF AJACCIO AND ITS SURROUNDINGS Right in Ajaccio : -Le Bar Du Diamant : +33 (0)4 95 21 04 56 -Le Bar Gavroche : +33 (0)4 95 22 57 40 -Le Floride : […]

Museums and Monuments of Corsica

Museums and Monuments of Corsica

List of museums and monuments of Corsica BASTIA – CAP CORSE ● The History museum of Bastia ● The Cyrnarom Perfumery museum in Bastia : +33(0)4 95 31 39 30 ● The Fortress of Bastia ● Sainte Marie Church of Bastia : +33(0)4 95 31 01 80 ●  Saint-Jean Baptiste Church of Bastia ● The […]

Tourist Offices – Tourist Information Points

Tourist Offices - Tourist Information Points

Tourist Offices and Tourist Information Points, tourist information on all of Corsica.   BASTIA – CAP CORSE REGION ▪CAP CORSE : Tourist information Centre BP-19 20248 MACINAGGIO Tel : +33(0) 4 95 35 40 34 ▪BASTIA : Tourist information Place Saint Nicolas 20200 Bastia. Tel : +33(0) 4 95 54 20 40 SAINT FLORENT – […]

Corsica in numbers

Corsica in numbers

Population, territory, culture and transports in Corsica POPULATION OF CORSICA Comparison of years 1968 and 2015 : 1968 : 205 268 inhabitants (North Corsica : 115 702 /South Corsica : 89 566) 2015 : 326 898 inhabitants (North Corsica : 174 178 / South Corsica : 152 720) Classification by gender, January 01, 2015 : […]

Weather in Corsica

Weather in Corsica

Best time to visit Bastia Bastia is a welcoming and vibrant city all year round but you may be wondering when is the best time to visit when you are planning your trip. We have put together some important information to help you decide when to go to Bastia. The most pleasant months are, as […]

The History of Corsica

The history of Corsica

The History of Corsica, chronology of key moments from the history of Corsica. HISTORY OF CORSICA – CHRONOLOGY THE MESOLITHIC PERIOD IN CORSICA (10’000 TO 6’000 BC) The excavated burial sites and rock shelters are evidence of prehistoric habitation dating back to 7000 BC. The skeleton of the «Dame de Bonifacio» (Lady of Bonifacio) dates […]

Hiking trails in Corsica

Dear internet users, here are some hiking trails that you can do with your family or friends during your stay in Corsica. We have by no means listed them all. There are, of course, other hikes in Corsica that you can go on with your family or friends during your stay. Have some good hikes […]

The Mare a Mare South

The Mare a Mare South

The Mare a Mare South is one of the most famous hiking trails in Corsica. It takes you from one coast of the island to the other, i.e. from Porto Vecchio to Propriano. This hike will allow you to soak up the atmosphere and the culture of the mountainous villages of Alta Roca. You will […]

Map of Corsica

carte de la Corse

Map of Corsica, roads, ports and airports of Corsica Here is a map of Corsica to help you during your stay in Corsica Find below the international airports in Corsica :  Airport Bastia-Poretta (North) Airport Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte (South) Airport Calvi Sainte Catherine (North) Airport de Figari Sud Corse (South) As well as the different ports, roads […]

Colombo Hotel

Colombo Hotel Porto Corse

Charming little hotel on the heights of Porto. Exceptional view of Capo d’Orto and the Gulf of Porto. Ideal for families on a budget.

Route arrival Ajaccio and departure Calvi

Route arrival Ajaccio and departure Calvi

Route arrival Ajaccio and departure Calvi Tour 4 nights/5 days: Arrival Ajaccio and departure Calvi. This tour goes along a part of the West Coast of Corsica. It is proposed to you within the framework of a short stay. UNFOLDING 1st night – BAY OF AJACCIO or BAY OF SAGONE Visit of Ajaccio, Porticcio with […]

Route arrival Calvi and departure Figari

Route arrival Calvi and departure Figari

Route arrival Calvi and departure Figari. Tour 7 nights/8 days: arrival Calvi and departure Figari, You will begin your tour in Balagne to finish in far south Corsica by passing through Center of Corsica. In this way, you will have a general idea of various landscapes that our island offers you. UNFOLDING 1st & 2nd night […]

Route arrival Bastia and departure Figari

Route arrival Bastia and departure Figari

Route arrival Bastia and departure Figari Tour 4 nights/5 days. Arrival Bastia and departure Figari or Porto vecchio. This tour goes along this time a part of East Coast of Corsica with a detour by the Cap Corse and Centre Corse. It is proposed to youwithin the framework of a short saty.   UNFOLDING 1st […]

Route arrival Ajaccio and departure Bastia

Route arrival Ajaccio and departure Bastia

Route arrival Ajaccio and departure Bastia Tour 7 nights/8 days: Arrival Ajaccio and departure Bastia. In this tour, you will visit a bit more southern Corsica, its beaches and its mountain. You may also discover the wine cellars which go along this tour (see our list of corsican wines) and in this way, taste its […]

The GR20 in Corsica

INTRODUCTION ON THE GR20 IN CORSICA   The GR20 in Corsica, the legendary hiking trail across the Corsican mountains is about 200km long, and probably one of the most demanding trails in Europe (although any hiker in good physical condition can do it). It can be especially dangerous during bad weather conditions such as rainstorms […]

Chestnut flour Tart – Corsican recipe

Chestnut flour Tart

CHESTNUT FLOUR TART Corsican cuisine, recipes and discovery of Corsican flavours The nuts can be replaced by hazelnuts, almonds or sultanas, or a combination of these. RECIPE Mix chestnut flour with water and a pinch of salt until you have a fairly liquid paste. A thick pastry would make the tart too heavy. Pour in […]

Stuffed Chicken – Corsica Recipe

poulet farci Cuisine Corse

STUFFED CHICKEN Corsican cooking, recipes and discovering of the corsican flavours Grease the chicken slightly with some oil, season with salt and pepper. THE RECIPE Shell the chestnuts and boil them with a fennel leaf in slightly salted water for a few seconds. When they are tender, remove the skin. Mix the chestnuts with some […]

Bacon (lard) and vegetable Soup – Corsican recipe

soupe au lard et légumes corse

BACON (LARD) AND VEGETABLE SOUP Corsican cuisine, recipes and discovery of Corsican flavours The most famous of all Corsican soups. A delight! Depending on the season, we use the vegetables we have on hand: -potatoes, -onions, -carrots, -sticks, -celery, -zucchini, -green beans, -leeks, -wild dandelion, to which we add dried beans soaked the day before, […]

Stuffed Eggplant – Corsica recipes

Stuffed Eggplant Corsican cooking, recipes and discovering of the corsican flavours INGREDIENTS -3 eggplants, -150g Corsican ham, -50g grated “Vieux Brocciu” (ripe sheep’s or goat’s milk cheese), -3 or 4 basil leaves, -a handful of bread soaked in milk (soft part), -3 cloves of garlic, -1 thick piece of pork breast (bacon), -1 onion, -4 […]

Fiadone – Corsican cuisine

Corsican cooking, recipes and discovering of the corsican flavours : Fiadone (Fiadonu) INGREDIENTS For 6 à 8 persons / Preparation time : 10min / Cooking time : 30min -500gr of brocciu -4 eggs -150 g of sugar -1 orange or lemon PREPARATION 1-Beat the eggs, add the brocciu, sugar, orange or lemon zest and mix […]

Stuffed Zucchinis – Corsican recipe

Stuffed Zucchinis – Corsican recipe Corsican cooking, recipes and discovering of the corsican flavours INGREDIENTS For 6 à 8 persons / Preparation time : 10min / Cooking time : 50min -6 zucchini, -one third of a fresh “brocciu” (goat cheese), -1 egg, 2 cloves of garlic, -1 parsley branch, -3 or 4 tablespoons of olive […]

Le Belvédère de Coti Restaurant

A Nepita Restaurant

A Nepita restaurant Ajaccio

U Lustincone Restaurante

Da Mamma Restaurant

Le Bon Coin Restaurant

L’Alta Vista Restaurant


Magnificent view of the Gulf of Ajaccio. Open all year round.

Corsica Raid 4X4

Corsica Raid 4X4 Porto Vecchio

Corsica Raid 4X4 vous propose de parcourir les routes et les pistes de l’Extreme Sud de la Corse. Raids de 4 jours ou excursions à la journée, découvrez l’immense variété des paysages corses.

Auberge de la Restonica

Auberge de la Restonica Corte Central Corsica

A worthwhile detour….Discover a good table with quality local cuisine in the charming setting of a riverside inn.

Le Piano Chez Toinou Restaurant

Le Piano Chez Toinou Restaurant Porticcio

This restaurant is undoubtedly on the list of the most beautiful restaurants in the Ajaccio region. Open all year round.

La Rivière des vins Restaurant

La Rivière des vins Restaurant Corté North corsica

Here everything is delicious and the welcome is very warm. A nice little address in Corte suitable for all budgets.

A Volta Restaurant

A Volta Restaurant Cargèse

A beautiful address that deserves several visits. Beautiful panoramic view of the gulf and simply GOOD!

Le 20123 Restaurant

Le 20123 Restaurant Ajaccio

A surprising setting that is worth the diversions! Only one menu for the evening but copious. A cuisine with typical Corsican flavours. Not to be missed.

U Papacionu Restaurant Pizzeria

U Papacionu Restaurant-Pizzeria Ajaccio

So friendly! For a great moment of relaxation while enjoying the best Pizza in town….

Chez Léon Restaurant

Chez Léon restaurant Cateri Calvi

Traditional Corsican cuisine. An excellent table with a complete Corsican menu at an affordable price.

Isula Plongée Diving Center

On the “Route des Sanguinaires”. Baptism, explorations, CMAS, FFESSM and PADI courses, mixed NITROX. Online booking.

Gourmet Bistrot A Flatta

Gourmet Bistrot A Flatta restaurant Calenzana

In an idyllic setting, a careful and quality Corsican cuisine on the heights of Calvi…to discover absolutely!

A Stalla Sischesa Osteria

A Stalla Sischese Restaurant - Sisco- Korsika

Osteria A Stalla Sischese in Sisco in Cap Corse is a must for gourmets. Unique menu based on fresh local products…

Le Belvédère Restaurant

Le B restaurant Porto-Ota

Le Belvédère Restaurant in Porto offers one of the most beautiful views of the port! Quality cuisine in a friendly setting.

U Capu Biancu Restaurant

The restaurant U Capu Biancu overlooks the magnificent bay of Sant’Amanza in Bonifacio. Come and discover the inventive and meticulous cuisine of Chef Gadio El Hadji


Accommodation in Corsica are numerous. From small cheap campsites to luxury “Les Collectionneurs”, “Châteaux & Hôtels Collection”, “Boutique Hotel” … there is something for everyone. However, in July-August or even in September, finding a room or a camping place at the last minute in tourist places can be quite a challenge. THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF […]

Benista Campsite

The Benista campsite is located at the entrance of the seaside resort of Porticcio, close to the most beautiful fine sandy beaches of the Gulf of Ajaccio, in a shady park of 5 ha. Pool. 

Demeure Les Mouettes Hotel

Demeure Les Mouettes Hotel Corsica Ajaccio

Inn of charm from the XIXth, feet in water. Sea view, private beach, heated swimming-pool. Very quiet.

U Capu Biancu deluxe Hotel

One of the most beautiful hotels in Corsica in a discreet and refined setting on the waterfront. Private beaches with pontoon, pool, restaurants.

Lilium Maris Hotel

Lilium Maris Hotel Tizzano aerial view

LILIUM MARIS Hotel is located by the sea on the beautiful beach of Tizzano, a few kilometres from Sartene…

Les Oliviers Campsite

Les Oliviers Campsite Île Rousse Corsica

Tent sites and caravans, bungalows with or without A/C, snack bar- pizza, TV, daily bread delivery, children’s playground

Santa Lucia Campsite

Santa Lucia Campsite 3 stars Porto-Vecchio Corsica

In the shade of a forest of cork oaks, bungalows, tents, swimming pool and paddling pool, restaurant, games, kids club, entertainment and shops nearby.

Sole e Vista Campsite

Sole e Vista Campsite South Corsica

In a shady park, overlooking the Gulf of Porto. 1km from the beach, 200m from the river and 10mn from the marina.

Torraccia Campsite

Torraccia Campsite Cargèse sea view chalet

Panoramic view of the beach and the Chiuni valley. Bungalows and camping places with all comforts – Swimming pool and play area for children.

San Damiano Campsite

This 4* campsite is ideally located to discover Cap Corse. It is right by the sea, on a wide sandy beach and close to Bastia.

U Stabiacciu Campsite

U Stabiacciu Campsite Corsica

On the road to Palombaggia, this campsite offers tented pitches and bungalows for rent. Restaurant and swimming pool with entertainment

Chiar’Di Luna Tourist Residence

4-star Chiar Di Luna Tourist Residence Porto-Vecchio Swimming pool

Residence nestled in a green setting, only 9 km from Porto Vecchio. Independent or semi-detached mini-villas. Pleasant heated swimming pool, spa, hammam, fitness room.

Marine di Palumbare Holiday Residence

Marine de Palumbare Holiday Residence Île Rousse North Corsica

In the heart of the Balagne, Sea at 150 m. Small, luxurious residence with swimming pool, apartments up to 6 people.

Olmuccio Hotel Residence

Olmuccio Hotel Residence Corsica

Hotel and mini-villas into a genuine and greenery setting with swimming-pool and restaurant.

A Rundinella Residence

Located at 1 Km from the most beautiful Corsican beaches, villas with all comforts and sea view located on a landscaped. Calm and warm residence. Overflow pool heated out of season.

Arinella Club Residence

Arinella Club Residence

In the heart of the Balagne, between Calvi and l’Ile Rousse in northwest Corsica, the Résidence Club Arinella nestles between the village of Lumio and the sea.

Les Lentisques Hotel-Restaurant

Les Lentisques Hotel-Restaurant Cargese South Corsica

A privileged location, 100m from the beautiful sandy beach of Peru, private access. At 800m from the centre of the village of Cargese. Its restaurant facing the pool, invites you to discover its Mediterranean cuisine.

Olmuccio Hotel-Restaurant

Olmuccio Hotel-restaurant Sainte-Lucie de Porto Vecchio

Hotel in an authentic and green setting with swimming pool and restaurant.

Pietra di Sole Hotel Residence

Villas of standing. Panoramic swimming-pool. Sea view Very calm. 2 km from Palombaggia.

Alba Rossa Residence

Alba Rossa Residence Serra di Ferro Propriano Pool

Charming holiday residence, located in the core of a preserved nature, in a peaceful atmosphere, with jaw-dropping views of Cupabia Bay. For a pleasant stay between sea, mountains and Corsican heritage: a genuine invitation to explore unspoilt countryside.

Charming Hotel Case Latine

Hotel of charm Corsica Case Latine

An unique, authentic and refined place, offering 9 suites with 2 swimming pools and a restaurant. An art of living….

Le Vieux Moulin Hotel-Restaurant

Vieux Moulin Hotel-Restaurant Centuri port Cap Corse

60 km from Bastia, a haven of peace where comfort and quietness of 18 rooms are added. Beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the sea and the port of Centuri, restaurant and bar.

Cala di Sole Hotel

Cala di Sole Hotel Ajaccio South Corsica

Right on the seafront, on one of the most beautiful fine sandy beaches (both private and fully equipped) in the Sanguinaires. Restaurant – Swimming pool.

U San Martinu Guesthouse

It is an authentic place that makes all the pride of a family. For every pleasant discovery.

Les Figuiers Holiday Rental


Granite house in a wooded park of 2500 m², 30 m from the beach. Apartments and studios with top quality amenities for rent.

Bella Vista Hotel


Small charming establishment with 15 rooms all different and warm, an exceptional view on Capo d’Orto and the gulf of Porto, beautiful address.

Hotel de Porticcio

Hotel de Porticcio Ajaccio

Hotel in Porticcio located in the city centre, the air-conditioned Hotel de Porticcio offers comfortable rooms 50 metres from the beach, close to the Sofitel thalassotherapy centre.

Version Maquis Citadelle Hotel

Version Maquis Citadelle Hotel private terrace

The Version Maquis Citadelle hotel, the first 5 star hotel in the city of cliffs, is a real haven of peace nestled in the Bonifacian scrubland. It also offers a Gastronomic Restaurant with a view on the cliffs of Bonifacio, a Spa and wellness area as well as a beautiful infinity pool.

Marea Resort Holiday Residence

Moriani-plage Holiday Residence Marea Resort North corsica

Between sea and mountains on the east coast, in the heart of the Castagnicia, the Holiday residence Marea Resort is ideally located for your stay in Corsica

Route arrival and departure Bastia

A tour with arrival and departure in Bastia

Tour 7 nights/8 days, arrival and departure in Bastia, you leave at the discovering of the corsican coast with Bastia, Corsican Cape

Brocciu soup – Corsican recipe

Suppa à u brocciu. Recipe to taste from december to april, for 6/8 persons.

Brocciu omelette – Corsican recipe

Easy recipe, usually cooked in winter (from december to april) for 6 persons, with a preparation time od 5 min and a cooking time of about 5-8 min.

Jugged boar with myrtle – Corsican Recipe

Recipe prepared in winter for 6/8 persons, with a preparation time of 30min and a cooking time of 3 hours.

Stuffed peppers with brocciu

Receipe to cook during the Brocciu period ( from december to april ), for 4 persons, with a preparation time of 10min and a cooking time of 30min.

U Pastizzu – Corsican recipe

This recipe with Pastis may be cooked all the year long, this one is for 4 persons with a preparation time of 10min and a cooking time of 1 hour.

Legal Information

offices du tourisme corse

LEGAL INFORMATION – ALLERENCORSE.COM Website editor: The editor of the website is the company Corseresaa simplified joint stock company with registered head office located at Résidence Ténérella BP 3 20 166 Porticcio Corse Franceregistered in the Ajaccio Trade and Companies Register under number B 423 606 250company with a share capital of 45,000 eurosSiret […]

I Canistrelli – Corsican recipe


The most traditional of all Corsican dry biscuits. You will find them in any shop, but not all of them will be good. There are very few manufacturers of fine “Canistrellis”

Corsica : Cuisine and flavours of the island

We have decided here to blend the moods, the fragrances combining the ideas from the various villages into this simple Corsican Cookery book.

Herb tart – Corsican recipe

Chop the spinach, the leek and the onions by hand. Place the vegetables in a sieve, sprinkle with salt and let stand for half an hour. The vegetables will lose some of their water and become softer.

Les Calanques Tourist Residence

Les Calanques Tourist Residence 3 star Ajaccio Route des îles Sanguinaires

Open all year round, beautiful luxury residence with an incomparable view of the sea and the Iles Sanguinaires, offers a wide range of services and accommodation, from studios to three-roomed flats. Heated swimming pool,

Les Calanques Hotel-Residence

Les Calanques Hotel-Residence South Corsica

Hotel-Residence of standing, with panoramic view on the sea and the Sanguinaires Islands. A wide range of accommodation, from studios to three-roomed flats. Heated swimming pool, Wifi, Well-being area, Bar, Shop…

Monte d’Oro Hotel

Hotel-Restaurant Monte d'Oro Vizzavona

A 19th century family house with an indefinable charm that will take you out of time, in the heart of our Corsican mountains.

Meatballs – Corsican recipe

Put the meatballs in a saucepan, add some olive oil, some peeled and chopped tomatoes, some onions, thyme, bay leaf, a bit of salt and pepper, two cloves, cover with hot water and simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes.

Canistrelli Biscuits – Corsican recipe


The most traditional of all Corsican dry biscuits. You will find them in any shop, but not all of them will be good. There are very few manufacturers of fine “Canistrellis” and their names are passed around like those of good butchers.

Stuffed peppers with brocciu – Corsican recipe

Corsican recipe to cook during the Brocciu period ( from december to april ), for 4 persons, with a preparation time of 10min and a cooking time of 30min.

Corsican Wine

Corsican wines

Known among other things for the large diversity of their rich and varied flavours, Corsican wines are appreciated by many well-known personalities (historians, philosophers, writers, etc.)

U Paesolu Residence

Holiday Residence U Paesolu Pool

On a 13 hectare park, accommodation for 2 to 10/12 people from Studio to Premium Villa with swimming pool, Spa and Sauna. Hotel service – Restaurant – Swimming pool.

Le Vizzavona Hotel


Old manor house dating from 1901, in the heart of the Corsican Natural Park. All the charm of the houses of the past.

Sole e Monti Restaurant

Restaurant Quenza Sole e Monti

The Sole e Monti restaurant located in the small village of Quenza is one of the must-see restaurants in Corsica.

The Chantiers Navals de Calvi

The Chantiers Navals de Calvi Medyacht 52

A large range of boats available for renting with or without skipper in Calvi.

Omigna Residence

Residence Cargèse Omigna

A charming residence located in Cargèse with 8 apartments with a capacity of 4 to 6 people.
Heated swimming pool, gym, sea view and concierge service

Kasano Hotel & SPA

Luxury hotel Calvi centre

Hotel in the centre of Calvi, facing the citadel and the port, come and enjoy its SPA and its lounge terrace with swimming pool

Kevano Plage Campsite

Campsite Kevano Plage South corsica

3* campsite, by the sea, near Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio. Tent, mobile home and bungalow pitches. Many activities.

Porto-Vecchio Campsite

Campsite South corsica Porto Vecchio pool

A 4 star campsite, ideally situated with many activities for the whole family. Mobile home rental with Spa. Swimming pool.

Hotel-residence A Torra

Hotel residence North Corsica A Torra

This Hotel residence offers accommodation for 2 to 6 people with hotel service, a swimming pool and a shared barbecue. Ideally positioned for visiting northern Corsica

Paviddonu Restaurant

Paviddonu Restaurant Porto-Vecchio Palombaggia

The Paviddonu restaurant route de Palombaggia awaits you every day from 10am. Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Heated swimming pool – seaside. Reservation recommended.

Paviddonu Residence

At a stone’s throw from the beautiful beaches of southern Corsica. Route de Palombaggia, 20 mini-villas with all comforts, sea view, direct access to the sea, restaurant.

U Farniente Campsite de Pertamina Village

Campsite Bonifacio U Farniente de Pertamina Village pool

This residential holiday park welcomes you on 13 hectares with its campsite, entertainment for all and an exceptional water park.

De Peretti della Rocca Domain

De Peretti della Rocca Domain Figari

Discover this magnificent estate between Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio, in the heart of the vineyards.

Version Maquis Santa Manza Hotel

Version Maquis Santa Manza hotel Bonifacio

In the middle of the maquis, with the sea as a horizon, an establishment of 10 rooms and a “bergerie” with a whirlpool bath offering you calm and intimacy!

Prea Gianca Hotel

Prea Gianca Hotel Bonifacio South corsica swimming pool

Located in Bonifacio, Our 3 star hotel entirely renovated is located in a favored and perfectly preserved environment. The rooms can accommodate 1 to 3 people.

Dolce Vita Hotel-Restaurant

Dolce Vita Hotel-Restaurant 4-star pool restaurant

In the bay of Ajaccio, face to the Sanguinaires Islands. A small place of paradise combining luxury and relaxation.

Villa Rossa Palombaggia

Villa Rossa Palombaggia beach

Within a large house, 3 rental apartments ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms, just a stone’s throw away from the well-renowned Palombaggia beach

U Cantu di I Cardellini Villas

U Cantu di I Cardellini villas South Corsica ®StefBravin

These comfortable villas, located on the road from Palombaggia to Porto-Vecchio, sleep up to 8 people. Heated swimming pool out of season.

U Cantu di i Cardellini Residence

U Cantu di i Cardellini Residence Palombaggia South Corsica ®StefBravin

A beautiful residence offering comfortable villas for 2/8 people with panoramic sea/city/mountain views. Heated swimming pool. Calmness assured.

Marina d’Oru Holiday Village

Holiday village Marina d'Oru pool view East coast Ghisonaccia

Between the sea and the mountain, feet in the water, on the east coast of the Beauty Island (Corsica), the holiday village Marina d’Oru **** is a true paradise for families.

Marina d’Oru Residence Club

Seaside Residence Club Marina d'Oru pool East coast - Ghisonaccia

Seaside Residence Club Marina d’Oru **** with its direct access to a sandy beach of the same name.

U Casone Campsite-Residence

Campsite U Casone 3 stars Ghisonaccia Eastern Coast

An island within an island, two magnificent swimming pools, activities according to your desires for adults and children. Nearby, a pine forest of 400 ha bordering a large and long sandy beach… to plant your parasol wherever you want.

Casa Alta Guesthouse

Gaesterzimmzer Casa Alta 4

At an altitude of 1000 m, in a pine forest, 5 guest rooms with all amenities, in a large, original stone house !

Le Belvédère Hotel-Restaurant

Le Belvédère Hotel-Restaurant South Corsica

An outstanding setting, an exceptional view, located at the foot of the Genoese Tower of Porto with its red granite walls, overlooking the marina and offering a panoramic view of the sea.

Les Toits de Santa Giulia Residence

Les Toits de Santa Giulia Residence Les Toits de Santa Giulia Pool

14 luxury villas for 2 to 10 people in a peaceful setting only 1300 metres from the superb beach of Santa Giulia.

Les Terrasses de Rondinara Residence

Les Terrasses de Rondinara Holiday Residence Bonifacio

On a site of 15 ha, luxury villas for up to 6 people with A/C and sea view, just a few minutes on foot to the beach.

La Solenzara charming Hotel

Hotel of charm seaside La Solenzara Porto-Vecchio South Corsica

Hotel of charm, in edge of sea, swimming-pool. 300m from the beach and stores. SPA. Prices to 85€/175€.

Santa Marina Campsite

2-star campsite, 100 m from the beach and small port of Santa Severa. Quiet and shady, ideal for visiting Cap Corse.

Domaine San Sebastiano Residence


Located in a luxuriant park, between sea and mountain, less than 10 min from the beaches, luxury villas for your relaxation.

Le Saint Erasme Hotel

3-star Le Saint Erasme Calvi Hotel Corsica swimming pool

All-comfort, air-conditioned with lift, car park, swimming-pool overhanging the sea. An only place inviting you to dream!

Le Pinarello Hotel

Le Pinarello Hotel 4 star South Corsica Sunset pool

Luxury hotel located on the beach of Pinarello. Terraces and seaview for all the rooms.

Pezza Cardo Campsite

Pezza Cardo Campsite 3 star Porto-Vecchio

Nestled in the middle of a cork oak forest, close to the most beautiful beaches, accommodation in campsites or chalets.

Perla Di Macchia Tourist Residence

Perla Di Macchia Tourist Residence Bonifacio South Corsica

Exceptional location, between city and countryside. Mini-villas and studios, near the marina, 5 min from the beaches.

La Marine Residence

Residence La Marine Cap Corse Luri

Small residence of studios and small apartments “Feet in the water” facing the pretty port of Santa Severa. The beach is 100 metres away. Ideal for discovering the beauty of the wild Cap Corse.

Fesch Hotel & SPA

Hotel Fesch & SPA - pool - Ajaccio - South Corsica

In the centre of Ajaccio, modern Hotel, ideal location for business and holiday travellers !

Bartaccia Hotel

Bartaccia Hotel 4 star Propriano South Corsica

Overlooking the Gulf of Valinco, Hotel Bartaccia welcomes you in a 2-hectare wooded park in Propriano.

Mulinacciu Campsite

Mulinacciu Campsite Porto-Vecchio Pool area

Between sea and mountains, on the shady banks of a river, swimming pool with waterslide, food and drink on site, bungalows..

Le Clos Saint Paul Tourist Residence

3-star Le Clos Saint Paul Tourist Residence Île Rousse

Small holiday residence with colorful decoration 800 meters from L’Ile Rousse, its shops and beach.

Arinella Holiday Residence

Arinella Holiday Residence Farinole Cap Corse

Small residence with 16 flats for 2 to 6 people. Air conditioning, swimming pool, 50 metres from a sandy beach. Panoramic view on the Bay of Saint Florent.

Casa Régina Residence

3-star Holiday Residence Casa Regina Propriano South Corsica

Charming holiday residence in Propriano – Majestically perched on the hillside, removed from the hustle and bustle of the village, yet only 900m from the marina and the beaches – Air-conditioned, with panoramic sea view and close to the shops.

Casa Oleanda Holiday Residence

Beautifully presented villas and studios with swimming pool in the heart of a unique and peaceful 3-hectare park, embellished with flowers.

Capu Seninu Hotel Tourist Residence

Capu Seninu Hotel Tourist Residence South Corsica

Combine all the benefits of a vacation rental with those of an hotel !

Cala di Sole Hotel-Holiday Residence

Hotel and holiday Residence Cala di Sole South Corsica

In the Gulf of Porto, 3 star Hotel and Residence with two swimming pools and rooms with view on Capo d’Orto. At 800m from the centre of Porto.

Bungalows de Figha Hotel Residence

Bungalows de Figha Hotel Residence pool

Hidden into a private park, at 50m from the beach with a private port, swimming-pool, tennis.

Bocca Di Feno Holiday Residence


In a rural setting 4km from Bonifacio and 2km from the beaches. A place of relaxation and tranquillity!

Appart Bleu Azur holiday residence

3-star Appart Bleu Azur holiday residence pool

Small holiday residence exclusively for grown-ups, located 30 metres from the beach and 900 metres from the port. It offers 5 suites for 2 persons including a heated swimming pool.

Bagheera Restaurant Seaside


A magical place where you can taste Corsican specialities, gourmet plates, salads and homemade desserts facing the sea.

Naturist Bagheera Resort


Stretching along 5km of crystal clear sea, with standard or luxury holiday homes, a camping site, in the midst of a Eucalyptus forest bordering the sea.

Campsite Naturist Bagheera


4* naturist campsite, near Bastia, in the middle of a eucalyptus forest, spacious pitches on the edge of a long naturist beach of 5 kilometres.

Vacation rentals Villas Celia

In the middle of nature, 9 luxury villas with private swimming pool,… Don’t look any farther, your dream holiday is here!

Tramariccia Holiday Residence

Holiday Residence Tramariccia - Calvi (8)

In the heart of a pine forest of 2h. A 1km from the centre & the beaches. 52 all-comfort bungalows.

Le Splendid Hotel

splendid hotel - ile rousse - calvi - corse 1-1

Hotel in Ile Rousse just 100 m from the centre of Ile Rousse and 50 m from the sandy beach. Heated swimming pool, parking facilities, Wi-Fi (free), cable TV. Restaurant: family cuisine with Mediterranean flavours.

La Dimora Hotel

4-star La Dimora Hotel Saint Florent North Corsica

An old 18th century farmhouse rehabilitated into a 4-star luxury hotel, “La Dimora” welcomes you in its 17 elegant rooms and suites. It is situated a few minutes away from the idyllic beaches of the Agriate desert and Saint Florent’s port

Les Bergeries de Palombaggia Hotel

Authenticity, charm, wood, stone, view on the bay of Palombaggia. A hotel and you. Service made to measure.

Santa Monica Holiday Residence

Santa Monica holiday residence 4 stars Bonifacio South Corsica

In an exceptional setting, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas with views of the maquis and the sea, all in comfort, and a heated swimming pool. An ideal place to get away from it all and relax!

Aria Marina Tourist Residence-Hotel

Tourist Residence-Hotel Aria Marina Propriano South Corsica

In a green park ideal for relaxation with a panoramic view of the sea and mountains.

Luxury Villas Terra Marina

The villas of the 4 star Terra Marina residence in South Corsica offer you a memorable holiday experience in Bonifacio.

Artemisia Boutique Hotel

Artemisia Boutique Hotel Bastelica swimming pool

In the centre of Corsica, at the foot of the mountains, 30 min to the beaches. An address with a modern feel.

Arataggio Residence Les Vegeilias

Arataggio Residence Les Vegeilias Porto-Vecchio Swimming pool

In a leafy setting, small residence with 5 flats and swimming pool. Ideal for relaxing. 3 km from Santa Giulia beach. Beautiful views over Porto-Vecchio.

Domaine A Flatta

A Flatta Inn with Charm Ile Rousse

Close to Calvi and the beaches, wild natural beauty… a natural river, swimming pool, hiking trails… A chic restaurant and cosy rooms for an unforgettable holiday! 

A Bella Scusa Guesthouse

A Bella Scusa Bastelica

In the heart of the village of Bastelica, the guest house A BELLA SCUSA is the ideal place for a stay to discover an extremely generous and preserved nature.

Dicieppo Tourist Residence

Tourist Residence Dicieppo Ajaccio South Corsica

In the countryside a new, well-equipped residence in a green park, 10min from the beaches of Porticcio, 15 min from Ajaccio.

Holiday Village Riva Bella Nudist


Estate of 79 ha, sandy beach of 1 km, «a unique + 500 m² Thalasso SPA» – High quality services. Naturist from 01/04 to 05/11.

Punta e Mare Hotel

Hotel Punta e Mare - Cargèse

Between the sea and the mountains, 100 m from the village and close to shops, rooms and apartments. Private car park.

Test Antoine EN

Arinella Bianca Campsite

Arinella Bianca Campsite Ghisonaccia Corsica

This 5-star campsite on the seafront has 10 hectares of pitches for tents, mobile homes and bungalows. Many activities for young and old.

Marina di Santa Giulia Residence

Tourist Residence Marina di Santa Giulia Porto-Vecchio

Overlooking the magnificent bay of Santa Giulia, the estate lies down, 20 hectares until the beach. Villas from 2 up to 10 pers. Possibility to rent per night.

La Pinède Hotel

La Pinède Hotel Ajaccio pool area

On the road to the Sanguinaires islands and the beautiful beaches, comfortable and family friendly 3 star hotel with swimming pool and sea view

Tettola Hotel

Tettola Hotel by the sea Saint Florent

Facing the sea, 3 star hotel with swimming pool, ideally located to discover the agriate and the Cap Corse

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Blog Mit Brocciu gefüllte Paprika U Pastizzu – Korsika Rezept Wildschweingulasch mit Myrte – Korsika Rezept Suppe mit speck und gemüse Korsika : Kaoeche und geschmack der insel Kastanienkuchen Frikadellen – Korsika Rezept Kräuter-Tarte – Korsika Rezept Gefüllte Zucchini – Korsika Rezept I canistrelli – Korsika-Rezept Canistrelli Bastia Rundreise – Ankunft und abfahrt in Bastia

Leisure and activities in Corsica

Leisure and activities in Corsica

Corsica Infos

Corsica Infos

Corsican Regions

Corsican Regions Do the Corsican regions appeal to you? Wish to discover the Corsican regions ?   From Northem Corsica to Southern Corsica, Corsica reveals sumptuous and varied landscapes from mountain villages to chic coastal towns and dense forests. Regions to discover according to your desires and the activities you want to do. From the […]

Dolce Notte Hotel


Quiet hotel in edge of sea. 500m from the town centre. Direct access to the sea.

Funtana Marina Tourist Residence

Funtana Marina Tourist Residence Palombaggia Süden Corsica

Into a privileged site exceptional seaview with direct access on the beach. Heated swimming-pool

U Casinu Residence

residence Piana U Casinu Arone beach

Charming residence in Piana on 3.5 hectares, offering 11 comfortable accommodations from studio to villa for 8 people, 100m from the beautiful Arone beach.

Tourist residence Terra Marina

In an exceptional site, facing the superb Bonifacio, Sardinia and the sea, mini-villas for 2 to 6 people, 5 minutes from the beaches and shops.

Villas Celia

Villas Rentals Ile Rousse Vignola

In the middle of nature, 9 luxury villas with private swimming pool… Don’t look any farther, your dream holiday is here !

Campsite Riva Bella naturist

Campsite naturist corsica Riva Bella Aleria

4-Star Naturist Campsite Riva Bella « Clef Verte » in 79 acres of nature, the site is classified and protected, sandy beaches. Thalasso-Spa Resort of more than 500m². Naturist from the 1.04 to the 5.11.

Relais & Châteaux La Signoria Hotel

Relais & Châteaux La Signoria Hotel 5-star Calvi

Into a park of 3h, building of the 18th, disposing of 24 rooms & suites. Gourmet restaurant.

Casa Murina Charming Ecological Hotel


1st cultural & eco-responsible hotel of Corsica, above of the bay of Porto-Pollo. 20 rooms, from room of charm to home of charm

Capo d’Orto Hotel

Capo d’Orto Hotel 3 star Porto Outdoor pool

Exceptionally well-located Porto hotel with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Porto and Capo d’Orto. Introducing the Hotel Capo d’Orto!

Charming Hotel Cala Di Greco

Charming Hotel Cala Di Greco Bonifacio

Hotel in Bonifacio located in the heart of a magnificent 3-hectare estate, the charming hotel Cala di Greco 4*, offers a breathtaking view of the citadel and the port of Bonifacio. 18 suites with garden and private patio. Heated pool.

Corsica and traditions

Corsicans are a proud community, generous and free-spirited and you will not find more hospitable hosts. Take the time to explore the fascinating history of this very beautiful island that is Corsica.

Sole e Monti Hotel-Restaurant

The hotel Restaurant Sole e Monti in Quenza, is the ideal choice for a charming break in the Corsican mountains.

San Giovanni Hotel

San Giovanni Hotel Porto-Vecchio Corsica

In the hearth of a flowered square, at 15min from the nicest beaches by car. Relaxation and quiet ensured.


bastia - north corsica

Prefecture of North Corsica (2B), Bastia is the main town or North Corsica, ancient Capital of Corsica, it is located in the North East of the island and shows the east entry of Cap Corse.



Situated in the far northern part of the island, Bastia & Cap Corse region is a part of North Corsica with Bastia as its most important municipality.



The Bonifacio region (Bonifacio – Figari)  is located in the far south Corsica, between the bay of Valinco Porto-Vecchio. It is one of most beautiful regions of the island and attracts many holidaymakers!


Canetto beach is at 7 km from Bonifacio and 20 km from Porto-Vecchio. Nestled between the white cliffs and the lush macchia, a lovely small cove at the beginning of the Gulf of Sant’ Amanza



Situated between Bonifacio, at the tip of the most southern part and the Nacres coast, a micro-region on the east coast of Corsica, the Porto-Vecchio and its region remains the most popular tourist destination of Corsica, visit the Porto Vecchio region !



Situated between the Gulf of Ajaccio more in the north on the west coast of the island and the far south, the Golf of Valinco region offers the perfect combination of wonderful, fine sandy beaches and coves and an unspoilt nature with a lush macchia.


Ajaccio and its surroundings - south corsica

The Ajaccio and its surroundings lies in the southern part of Corsica, between the Sagone and the Valinco region. It extends from the Capo di Feno to the Capu Di Muro.


tour genoise - Sagone - Corse-du-sud

The bay of Sagone (Cargese and Sagone Region) extends from Capo Di Feno in the south to Cargese, more to the north.


Gulf of Porto

The Gulf of Porto Region is a region of souhtern Corsica located in the North of Corsica between the bay of Sagone and Balagne Region


lac de Nino - centre corse

Central Corsica with its many lakes lies in the mountainous regions of Corsica in North Corsica. It is also known as « Centru di Corsica » and is the heart of the the Regional Nature Reserve of Corsica.


plaine orientale

The East Coast extends from the south of Bastia to the north of Porto-Vecchio. Tourists often ignore this region, preferring the far south or Balagne.


Venaco is situated in Central Corsica, in the french department of North Corsica, the town of Venaco gets to Centru Di Corsica. It is the administrative centre of the administrative district of Venacais, counting 7 towns


Corte is situated in the central of Corsica, it is the ancient Capital of the island. This one is practically located in equidistance between Ajaccio ( 85km ) and Bastia ( 70km )


Aleria tour de Diane

Aleria is crossed by the river of Tavignano, one of the biggest of the island. The village is at equidistance between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia and is linked up to Corte by a beautiful road of mountains.


Moriani plage

Situated on the eastern coast of the island, Moriani is a seaside resort being a part of the small region of Costa Verde at only 40km from Bastia.


Iles Lavezzi

This is a paradise for hikers, sailors, scuba divers…and lizards! Ever since it was classified as a nature reserve in 1982, this archipelago is strictly regulated.


Petit Sperone beach

Little Sperone, located in the extreme south of Corsica, is a wonderful little cove. Access is a little difficult but it is worth a visit.


Spiaggia di Piantarella

Location Piantarella beach : 5 km from Bonifacio and 22 km from Porto-Vecchio The Piantarella beach is facing the Lavezzi islands, this is a lovely, fine sandy beach, especially known for its kite surfing spot. One of the best-known beaches in the Bonifacio region, it is close to some Roman ruins and thus an ideal […]


The Sant’ Amanza beach on the Gulf of Sant’Amanza is one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. It is surrounded by limestone cliffs and granite rocks that give it a unique charm!



Location Calalonga beach : 7 km from Bonifacio and 20 km from Porto-Vecchio. Another small, fine sandy beach, one of the many around the Gulf of Sant’Amanza.


You can get to Rondarina beach on a small, winding and deserted road that leaves the N198, almost unnoticed, halfway between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio.


Bonifacio - Figari

Situated at the point of Far South Corsica, Bonifacio has an exceptional situation ! From its wonderful white cliffs, the town opens on the Mediterranean at only 14km from the sardinian Coasts.


Figari is situated in the French department of South Corsica and more particularly in the far south of the island.
The town is « at the gates » of Porto-Vecchio and at only a few kilometers from Bonifacio.


Plage de Tarco

Tarco beach is at 55 km north of Bonifacio and 30 km north of Porto-Vecchio. A beautiful, fine sandy beach with the majestic Bavella Needles in the background !


Plage de Canella

Canella beach is about 60 km north-east of Bonifacio and 32 km north of Porto-Vecchio. This beach is the continuation of Tarco beach.


Plage de Saint Cyprien

A six-kilometre long beach of turquoise water, fine sand, with many sports and recreational activities awaiting you here. Should you decide to spend your holidays in Saint Cyprien.


Location : Cala Rossa beach is at 40 km northeast of Bonifacio and 11 km north of Porto-Vecchio Situated in the municipality of Lecci, another magnificent beach of fine sand, surrounded by red porphyry rocks.


Location Benedettu beach : It’s to 50 km northeast of Bonifacio and 20 km north of Porto-Vecchio. It’s name means “ blessed by the gods”, and quite rightly so: it is another one of the gems in the far south !


Plage de Palombaggia

Palombaggia beach is at 30 km southeast of Bonifacio and 10 km south of Porto-Vecchio. One of the nicest beaches of Corsica but also one of the nicest in the world !



The Santa Giulia beach is the most emblematic of Corsica and also the appreciated ! This beach is also ideal the the young children because it is in gentle slop


Plage de Fautea - Corse du sud - photo de JP PIRAS

Fautea beach is at 45 km northeast of Bonifacio and 15 km north of Porto-Vecchio. A lovely small cove with fine, bright white sand, well protected by a Genovese tower !


Port de Solenzara

Situated on the easter Coast of the island but getting to the french department of Southern Corsica, Solenzara village is a part of the small region of «Côte des Nacres» which includes 3 communes


Porto Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio is the 3rd town of Corsica and most probably the well-known of the island. It is anyway the priviledged destination of the holiday-makers.


Otherwise, the only other way to reach this totally isolated paradise, remains by boat… Murtoli is between Tizzano and Roccapine, at about 30km in the north of Bonifacio


What strikes you when you get to Campomoro beach is how peaceful it is ! This small seaside resort, which lies at the end of a small, grass-covered road on the Gulf of Valinco, has kept its original charm.


Bavella is a highlight of the corsican mountain ! For a very good reason : fon one side the mountain pass, and on the other side the forest.


Lion de Roccapina

Lion of Roccapina is on the road Ajaccio-Bonifacio, about 35km south of Propriano and 32km north of Bonifacio.



Sartene is a town of mountain, situated in the west coast of the island nearby Propriano ( 14km ) . Its surface area makes of Sartene the biggest town of Corsica and the eleventh in France. Sartene and its region will dazzle you with its lakes, its mountains, its rivers, its archaelogical sites, but also […]


Propriano plage

Situated on the west coast of the island, Propriano is situated in equidistance between Ajaccio and Bonifacio. It is a very well-known seaside resort.



Situated on the Gulf of Ajaccio southern side, Porticcio is a famous seaside resort ! Ideed, this-one has an exceptional location, facing the Imperial City



Ajaccio (or Imperial City of Ajaccio) is the main town of southern Corsica, and is situated in the south west of Corsica.


plage Elbo - Haute-Corse (1)

Elbo beach is at about 15km south of Galéria and 35km north of Porto. Probably the most picturesque landscape of the island. Come and see for yourself…


Plage de Sagone

The Gulf of Sagone is a region of Southern Corsica located between the Gulf of Ajaccio and this of Porto on the western part of the island.


The Bodri beach is in the last bay before Ile Rousse when coming from Calvi. In beautiful weather, the sea is crystal clear and stands out against the amazingly white sand.


baie de Cargese - Corse du sud

Situated in South Corsica on the west coastal in the north of Ajaccio, Cargese is an ancient Greek city. The straight-line distance between Cargese and Ajaccio is only 35 km.



Simply breathtaking ! The Calanche of Piana (or calanques) are, along with the Scandola Nature Reserve, definitely the most wonderful landscapes of the island


Situated in North Corsica in the far northwest of the island, in Balagne Region, Ile Rousse was formelly called « Isola Rossa » until 1848. It gets its name from the rocky islets of red porphyry.



At the southernmost end of the Scandola Nature Reserve lies Girolata, one of the emblematic destinations of Corsica, often seen on the cover of many Corsica guide books.


Scandola Nature Reserve is the absolute gem of Corsica. Established in 1975, this nature reserve protects 900 hectares of land and 1’000 hectares of sea.


Situated in the the North of Corsica but in the french Department of Southern Corsica, in half-way between Ajaccio and Calvi, the small town of Porto is located in the centre of one of the most beautiful places of the island !


The town of Piana is located in the the North Corsica in the french department of Southern Corsica in the Gulf of Porto.
It is situated at 440 metres height and only 12km from Porto.


Balagne ïle rousse Calvi

Balagne is a region of North Corsica of which extends from Nebbio (Agriates Desert) to Monte Cinto Massif (highest Point of the island at an elevation of 2710m).


Désert des Agriates - Corse

Of about 16000 hectares, windswept and sun-scorched landscape, the Agriates Desert is a very large & arid landscape where nothing growths, nothing is built…


plage du loto-agriates - haute corse

Loto Beach is another perfect beach with all the ingredients of the typical Corsican cocktail : fine, white sand, crystal clear water and the maquis as far as the eye can see.



Saleccia Beach does not resemble a battlefield at all, quite the opposite. It may be a bit less perfect than the beach of Loto, but this one-kilometre long beach is more natural.


According to Xavier Poli, the writer, the Ligurians invaded Corsica from the north (certainly via Calvi), after having conquered the region of Calvi.



The village of Patrimonio is one of the 8 municipalities of the Canton of Conca d’Oro. It is in North Corsica just at the beginning of Cap Corse, in the region of Nebbio not far from Saint Florent (4km).


Saint Florent

The small town of Saint Florent is situated in North Corsica, nestled between Balagne Region and Cap Corse Region (only 26km from Bastia), at the entry of Agriates Desert



Located on the northern part of the island, between Cap Corse and the Balagne, the Saint-Florent Agriates region is in North Corsica and belongs to the smaller region of Nebbio which extends from marked Guadalone on the Cap Corse


Centuri - North Corsica

The port of Centuri is said to date back to the 6th century BC. It was known under the name of «Centurinum Civitas», and was connected to Macinaggio by a Roman road.



The town of Macinaggio is a bicephalous commune: Macinaggio/Rogliano. It is in the department of Upper Corsica in the western part of Cap Corse.

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